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GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 12/28/2018 18:56:35

Level 59

Hi, this map will be published Jan 1st but I just wanted to ask for last minute feedback or any errors I need to fix before release ??

Thanks to all the testers! You will be credited in the description.
GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 1/3/2019 16:43:39

Level 56
Whoah! :D Cool!!!

I love the Iron Isle cracken - and the Dragons! :D I think this map can be played for Aegon's invasion too!

Edited 1/3/2019 16:46:26
GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 1/3/2019 17:19:22

Level 61
Some of the bonus symbols could be a bit larger (so the numbers don't overlap them).

Places like West Tower appear to be two territories, but they are not. I would suggest keeping it as a single polygon, and using a different colored line/stroke to show the tower itself. I always hate when connections are not obvious and it requires me clicking on territories to figure it out.

I just checked about a dozen connections along the rivers and they seem correct. I suggest doing A LOT of clicking to make sure connections are good, those are easy to miss.

Crasters Keep is not part of that bonus, not sure that was intentional.

Where is Moletown?

Anyway, it looks fantastic, well done!
GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 1/3/2019 17:43:58

Level 59

-On map preview the yellow borders of a bonus seem to reappear but then in games or on map editor they are not (which was intentional), numbers fit in fine in this without yellow rim.
-That is a good point. If there are number of criticisms about this I will change it, just effort lol
-Think the guys in the testing phase got most, bound to be one or two maybe missed
-Crasters keep has its own Castle bonus like all the other castles, they are just not visible (Its not really much of a castle but still)
-Moletown (Mole's Town) is directly under Castle Black

Thanks! :)
GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 1/5/2019 10:59:29

Level 56
I agree with Chris - the superbonus lables (like House Stark etc) should be made a bigger - right now it is hard to find them.

Plus I have a request - make more distributions please!

One distribution in particular (13 overall) - simple combination of the "Capitals" and "Five cities"
- all the Capitals
- one territory from Oldtown, Gulltown and White Harbor (the other 2 big cities are also capitals, so they are already included)
- maybe something else should be added, but I'm not sure. Maybe Harrenhall? Cider Hall (in the Reach)?

P.S. You should have added house Mudd! ;)

P.P.S. Broken territories:

- In the Vale, Old Anchor - Grinport should be connected to Fletcham, Sept of Longbow should be connected to Melford

- In the Vale, Grey Pool (in the Grey Glen) should be connected to Valeresk (Runestone)

- In the Vale, House Royce - Yohnstone should be connected to Grafton Hall and Gulltown

- In the Vale the borders around castle Hardhome are confusing. Currently it seems that the castle is connected to 2 provinces only, while in fact it is connected to all surrounding lands. Probably Creek Castle and Sept of Heart's Home shouldn't be connected.

- In the Riverlands, Darry - Chiltern should be connected to Nutten

P.P.P.S. Sept of Gulltown should be connected to Gulltower (and maybe to Gulltown itself, but I'm not sure...)

Edited 1/5/2019 20:31:15
GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 1/7/2019 17:09:29

Level 59
Thanks for the connections Gallien! seems im awful at them or lazy :D All have been fixed now.

I will also add that distribution. Will see if I can add more, but if not then in 1.2 when the map has been played more.

Would have been great to add House Mudd, and even all the other old houses. But the MAP is set roughly at the beginning of The GOT storyline, King Roberts death...so it wasn't really achievable :( …. maybe I could add some old house bonuses or something or at least distributions

As for superbonuses I will increase size a little. >> of the ones within territories, the ones around the outskirts of the map are unchanged as the grey background makes them a little bigger anyway

Edit: yeh might add it somewhere :D

Edited 1/7/2019 22:38:23
GOT| Seven Kingdoms - New Year publish: 1/7/2019 19:49:26

Level 56
I mentioned house Mudd only because it would be a great easter egg. Your map is made by Erducker Mudd, after all!
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