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Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 02:44:29

Level 62
Welcome to the clan battle of Outlaws B vs Harmony! A match between the new guns and the old guns. Who shall win, we shall see..

It will be the same format as the Outlaws vs GG clan battle which will be for this specific battle: (Thanks to Tacky for helping me organize)

* 12 Players on each clan
* 12 Match-ups
* 3 1v1 games
* Each 1v1 game is 1 point.
* 3 Templates (Volcano Island, New Ladder, Post-Melt Antartica)
* 36 points available meaning a clan must acquire 19 points to win the battle.

These are the match-ups for the Battle:

1. Belzeblu vs Platinum
2. Tacky vs Menda
3. Nutella vs Bohun
4. Merfi9 vs Maschder
5. Glenn Parmentier vs Black.bishop
6. N vs Doron Hoh
7. Quimera vs Double D
8. ripuanewhole vs Terence Kill
9. Juandesoto vs Tango
10. Powerbalence vs Thanos
11. addsasasdas vs ZZA
12. Bumblebee vs Rabdo

Post your predictions on who you think will win the clan battle or the individual battles (ideally both!)

Best of luck and let's have a good Clan Battle.
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 02:46:09

Level 62
Clan Battle Scoreboard!

1. Powerbalance vs Platinum (1-2)

2. Tacky vs Menda (1-0)

3. Nutella vs Bohun (1-1)

4. Zero2 vs Maschder (0-0)

5. Glenn Parmentier vs Black.bishop (0-1)

6. N vs Doron Hoh (3-0)

7. Quimera vs Vedev (2-0)

8. ripuanewhole vs Terence Kill (0-3)

9. Juandesoto vs Tango (0-3)

10. addsasasdas vs ZZA (3-0)

11. Bumblebee vs Rabdo (1-2)

(First to 17 wins)

Outlaws B - 11
Harmony - 11

Edited 1/3/2019 07:11:25
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 06:23:48

Level 57
1. boobiebulbz 3-0
2. Tacky 2-1
3. Nutella 3-0
4. maschder 2-1
5. Glenn Parm 2-1
6. Doron Hoh 2-1
7. Double D 2-1
8. Terence Kill 2-1
9. Juandesoto 2-1
10. Thanos 3-0
11. ZZA 2-1
12. Bumblebee 2-1

Final 16-17

or something like that i think am very unsure about some of these matchups :D
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 07:08:14

Level 62
Who are creating the games and when ?

My money is on Harmony :)
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 07:29:02

Level 62
I created the games but unable to make the 6th one, somebody will need to make that for me and copy the links on this thread :(

All the games have officially begun! The Clan Battle may begin now!
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 08:56:00

Level 62
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 12:48:40

Level 62

Added it to the main post!
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 16:05:55

Level 61
is this a win for maschder? https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17321612

merfi declined lol
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 16:48:30

Level 59
Hardest win of my life.
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 17:01:18

Level 62
Then I have 2 wins lol
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 19:34:58

Level 62
Please don't tell me players are declining because I didn't spent another 2 hours tilting the games...
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 19:36:05

Level 62
Thanos and Double D need to be replaced on Outlaws end but the other Outlaws shouldn't decline
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 19:36:35

Level 62
out of ALL games only 4 were declined so far I just went thru them, I can make remakes, or we can chalk them up as losses. it would be 2-2 so I guess fair? I can just make remakes too tho
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 19:40:10

Level 62
Tacky, I propose you make remakes for all 4 games and in case of a second decline it will be consider a loss this time.
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 20:35:53

Level 62
I'll deal with this tonight
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 20:48:48

Level 57
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/20/2018 23:23:14

Level 62

Edited 12/21/2018 02:54:54
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/21/2018 02:55:46

Level 62
Everything is updated onto the scoreboards. These games will count towards the official score.
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/21/2018 05:58:26

Level 62
My Prediction:

1. Belzeblu vs Platinum (1-2)

Belzeblu is a highly skilled player, however, if I'm focused and playing well, I can give him a game and easily win one/two and snatch the victory away from him. I don't see this a 3-0 favorite tie towards him, but we shall see.

2. Tacky vs Menda (1-2)
Menda has the higher 1v1 Ladder rating, He's beaten Tacky on the Volcano Island and I've seen him do well on the Post-Antartica Template against high skilled players. I feel he's the favorite, however, Tacky can play like a genius if he's focused and wants to do so. It's an interesting tie and it's probably the evenest match-up here to be honest, but logically I'm going for a 2-1 in favor of Menda.

3. Nutella vs Bohun (2-1)

Nutella has the experience, probably the superior skill but he doesn't have the eagerness/potential of Bohun IMO. However Nutella is the favorite by default because of the experience and superior skill, this is the most potential for an upset IMO.

4. Merfi9 vs Maschder (1-2)
Maschder can be the favourite, he has a semi-good 1v1 Ladder run, has a good Post-Melt Antartica and finished 24th in his first seasonal, when he was a newbie. Merfi has a 1900 rating on the 1v1 ladder, maybe he'll win the 1v1 ladder game for his consistency on it perhaps but the other 2 games he's the underdog IMO.

5. Glenn Parmentier vs Black.bishop (1-2)
Black bishop has improved since his return, he may lose the 1v1 Ladder game but the other 2 I think he's the favourite to win. As he's competed on the Seasonal Template (55th and is familiar with Post-Melt-Antartica). Glenn Parmentier is an interesting opponent, could sneak 2 wins.

6. N vs Doron Hoh (1-2)
As of now, Doron has too much experience and class for the alledged "High-Skilled Newbie". Should be a 2-1 victory to Doron

7. Quimera vs Double D (1-2)

Feels to me DoubleD has a edge on Qumera for experience and skill, so I'm going to go for a 2-1 in favour to him.

8. ripuanewhole vs Terence Kill (1-2)
You just feel Terence should win this 3-0.. But I feel like ripuanewhole is going to surprise all of us, I'll go for 1-2 to Terence.

9. Juandesoto vs Tango (2-1)
Well, Juande has the ladder experience so I'll edge it to him but by god Tango I wouldn't be surprised if he won this but I'll go for Juande here.

10. Powerbalence vs Samra (1-2)

Samrat the new recruit 1830 1v1 ladder rating, Powerbalance 1500ish... I'm going to go for Powerbalence. Samrat seems ridiculously active and high potential for me to not put him down.

11. addsasasdas vs ZZA (1-2)

I love ZZA, Joined the clan at 1100 rating but managed to improve it to 1400 at this moment. Love that. Won against Thrall in his last clan battle, Go ZZA! <3

12. Bumblebee vs Rabdo (3-0)

Bumblebee being a former 20A player, It's ridiculous. I'm going for him 3-0 sweep but come on Rabdo, get a win in there!!!

Outlaws B - 20
Harmony - 16

Edited 12/21/2018 05:59:00
Outlaws B vs Harmony: 12/21/2018 07:13:41

Level 62
Hey Platinum, as of now I have 2 games against Samrat and 1 against Thanos..

Can you create also the 1v1 ladder against Samrat ?

EDIT: Thank you

Edited 12/21/2018 07:18:00
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