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Forward invitation circumvents tournament settings: 12/13/2018 12:35:19

Level 59
(Quickly overviewing forum posts i could not find an existing one for that topic. So pls apologize a possible double here.)

In the tournament settings man can not directly adjust participants prerequisites. They are transfered from the template settings and there from the open seats prerequisites. These preqs are also shown then in the tourney settings. But when you enable 'forward invite' those (shown!) preqs are out of order! Fizzer has confirmed that recently on my refering request.
Imho that should be fixed. Either, and I would definitely prefer that, cause I don't want to have 59.2% boot rate players in my tourney, these preqs should have an effect despite of forwarding, or those settings should not appear in the tournament settings.
What is your opinion?
Forward invitation circumvents tournament settings: 12/13/2018 13:06:35

Level 62
This is a feature. It's kind of like how inviting your friends to a game bypasses open seat requests.
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