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Direct question @Fizzer: 12/3/2018 20:57:12

Level 49
There has been this issue with the game chat for a while now...
Whenever there is "too many" messages when I check into a game, it doesn't show all messages after the one I last saw. This is extremely inconvenient for diplomacy games and the such. People miss declaration of war or peace treaties from this, please fix this Fizzer-chan.

Edited 12/3/2018 20:57:22
Direct question @Fizzer: 12/3/2018 21:01:03

The Joey
Level 59
Maybe direct message him next time, or place in the suggestion page?
Direct question @Fizzer: 12/4/2018 01:12:34

Level 63
Email him. No nudes though, that never got me any responses.
Direct question @Fizzer: 12/5/2018 15:34:40

Level 59
Maybe Warzone is not a diplo* game, other than diplomacy card.
Have you considered that?

*a game where people talk more than actually play
Direct question @Fizzer: 12/5/2018 18:48:44

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
*a game where people talk more than actually play -> I see this in a lot of warzone games.

Edited 12/5/2018 18:49:11
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