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Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 16:40:34

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
Hello guys,
well the fact that this moment is finally arrived saddens me a lot, but it seems it was the time. I decided to leave WL. Lately i don't have the time for play, and i think is right time to quit there for have more time in real life for do most important thing and maybe more interesting.
I want say thanks to some people:
-gui, sze, myhnad: for teach me when i was bad.
-red, for let me join his wonderful clan 2 times, the 1st one when i was a noob, and 2nd one after i leave #Elite! .
-All WM member, of the past and the actual member, for the games we play together.
-i want say a special thanks to some people, for the the good times we spent together: fridge, beelz, and many other.
-thx to Fizzer for make this game!
-to the Whole WL community!
I don't plan to come back, i will not check forum either. If you want contact me, feel free to message me in skype if you have my contact. (i have only one skype account, so i will still use this one).
Remember that now you are obliged to brag people in my place. cya:'(

if i could come back in time, i would try a ladder run with another player, but fate did not let me try this adventure. is the only thing that would make me go back. but now he is retired too, so will never happen.

i can't resist to do a list of my achievement, sorry for that:

list :
-#1st place in ladder 1v1, with ladder record of 2375, for a total of 6th time in different run (counting alts as well, 3 with my main, 3 with alts).
-#1st place in ladder 2v2, with the great Beelzebù, with ladder record of 2283 points.
-#1st place in both ladder at same time.
- won 2 [20]A tourney, a 3v3 and 2v2.
- 2nd place overall rank of 4th [20] A
- won 3 Clan Legaue with WM, making a major contribution for win :-)
- go into final 8 of Szew's champion league, then we abandoned the idea.
- won a tourney of Proving Ground when i sit an account of a friend.
- won the internal 2v2 (WM only)
- won more then 20 livestreamed tournament.
- won a series of challenge based of best of 7 (1v1 with all different template) against a pool of top player
- won 2 legendary challenge, beating Gui and Szew.
- won 3 Tourney of clan league
- won more then 80 tourney
- won the 2v2 WPA open - grand slam (an old dunga's idea)

I think i can say, in the moment i am leaving, i was the best player :-)
And the faster player too. One time i played a 5v5 with 5 account with autoboot 3 min ...

I was making a map, but i stopped to work on it bc take too much time.
link --> http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=19419
West was done, but i have to work on east a lot...Make a map isn't too much complex, but just take time like the hell. Some country have to be redone.

And i decided to count all my account, are 141 at today lol..

P.S.: one last thing, for Gui. Have fun with your new partner in ladder...Congrats for convince him to play.

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Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 16:42:29

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
I will give up all 1v1. and i don't have any old tourney, so no one will suffer a teammate booted.

I plan my retire some week ago, almost no one knew.

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Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 16:50:17

Level 60
Nice to have played with you. It will be weird to not have you around I guess. Will you, if you ever have the time, ever participate in a Real-Time tourney or so?
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 16:59:02

Level 60
Well it has been fun playing with you (haven't played much 'with' you, always against). At least you can retire knowing you were at the top of your game. No slowly fading away as a shell of your former self. Hope you enjoy your extra time.

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Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:00:57

Widzisz • apex 
Level 60
That's sad :(
I'm not sure what else to say.
GG Gnuffone.
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:05:04

Level 60
<3 gnuffone, you'll be missed.
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:06:09

Level 31
good bye... some one will need to pick up the slack for the clan league... never really played you but you have contributed much to the WL community and for that i thank you
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:07:32

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
Bye Smurffino!

Thanks for all the great times we've had - spying other clans, trolling people with masses of alts and all the "secret" things we've done. It was trully unique and different to anything i've done with other players here on WL. Thanks for that.

All the best to you, mate!
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:12:38

Level 55
i can't resist to do comment of your achievement, sorry for that:

-1st place in ladder 1v1, with ladder record of 2375...if piggy, impaller, or hhh cared about records, they could easily delay losses too and break records.
-1st place in ladder 2v2, with the great Beelzebù, with ladder record of 2283 points...hellbender? loss delays? would you have had first place at all without the hellbender win? myhand would have taken that as a loss.
-1st place in both ladder at same time...loss delay? fridge's team was higher. Others did it when their ratings were highest of all possible players.
- won more then 20 livestreamed tournament...any 1v1s? or only 2v2s with the best teammates available?
- legendary challenge, beating Gui..."I don't really want to spend more time playing 1v1s. I just wanted to start this and draw attention to it." "Make it look like you tried but let me win." I do that. And you act like it was a legit win...legendary? go away for a year. if you are talked about half as much as people mention impaller, the word legendary might make sense. legends are stories made by other people, not stories you create. dont confuse legend with propaganda.

Greatest player ever? You are the greatest player of this week, according to the ladders. Good job. Next week it will be someone new. Warlight doesnt have any way to measure greatness in a purely objective way. Your subjective view of greatness excludes FFAs, multiattack, 75% luck, and numerous other settings, maps, and formats.

Greatest player ever? You joined many seasonal ladders. The greatest player ever would have won at least one of those.

Anyway, it is too bad you are leaving. But, you have been a lazy student. Your English is bad. At least your French is alright. Do you even study for your Economics classes? Try devoting as much time to reading books as you did to WL. That would be an accomplishment well worth mentioning.
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:29:10

Level 59
You will be sorely missed Gnuffone, best of luck in your life!

And to Qi,

In 1v1, I don't know if he's delaying losses or not, but he still has taken #1 more than anyone else and does have the highest rating ever. If he delayed losses, he still has taken #1 more than anyone else.

In 2v2 ladder, you stalled your loss against him before he stalled his 2 losses. True, he was losing the game to Longhouse and Motorcross. But who's to say Motorcross wouldn't have messed up big and let Gnuffone and Belzebu win the game? It was almost over, but not quite; nearly everyone receives 1-2 boot wins in games on the ladder during their runs.

You complain about everyone else making excuses for losses, but yet you are doing it right here.

He might or might not be the greatest player ever. But one thing is for sure; he has the best resume out of any player ever and has as much right to that claim as anyone.

Gui, who would you say is the best player ever?

Gnuffone, I have played more Europe with you than I have with anyone else, and learning the art of counterpicking from you helped me a lot. Warlight won't be the same without you; you had more love for the game than anyone I've ever met on here, and warlight is a better place becuase you played it.
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 17:30:58

Level 60
Qi: i thought the greatest player this week was Summer :(

edit- oh wait, she quit the ladders already.

Edited 3/4/2014 17:32:12
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 18:17:11

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
You'll be back :p
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 18:23:20

Level 57
Good bye and good luck with the real world!

Also managing to play 18 games with/against you.

Edited 3/4/2014 18:24:55
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 18:49:52

Level 57
whooooooo caaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrreeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss ?????????????? dont be whiny the fact that you felt the urge to write that and that you had 141 accounts????(wtf) means that you really missed out on some RL ......
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 21:03:14

Falco Peregrinus
Level 55
Bye, Mr. Delayer. At least you will surrender at your ladder game with me not after year
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 21:48:37

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
And there goes one of the last greats ....
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 22:30:21

Level 66
Gnuff says:
One time i played a 5v5 with 5 account with autoboot 3 min ...

But warlight says:
Auto boot cannot be less than 5 minutes


Gnuff also says:
I plan my retire some week ago, almost no one knew.

no shit, i'm sure i've seen 'retiring' in your profile when our current game started (almost month ago ;))

Gnuff says:

I think i can say, in the moment i am leaving, i was the best player :-

Noway, you can't even beat me :P


I was making a map, but i stopped to work on it bc take too much time.
(...)Make a map isn't too much complex, but just take time like the hell.

Surely you would be the best map maker, if only you had enough time!

Edited 3/4/2014 22:37:24
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 22:36:53

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
come on. It's Gnuff Norris. Have some faith for heaven's sake!
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 22:49:21

Level 60
goodbye Gnuffone
was nice playing with you
you will be missed
good luck in whatever you do in life

just so I know what kind of retirement from warlight is this?

to explain what I mean I will give some examples

#1 the "cold turkey" stop playing and reading forums all together

#2 the "szeweningen" reduce playing to almost none and check out forums sometimes

#3 the "Lolowut" go off for a year or so and come back more addicted than ever

#4 the "JSA" announce retirement every few months than take a 10 day vacation and keep reading forum and playing games

#5 the "hedja" announce retirement and continue to say you are quitting for months but in actuality just reduce multi day games
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 22:54:32

Level 59
Good bye and good luck... and that is all.
Bye WarLight: 3/4/2014 22:57:22

Level 40
Gnuffone, welcome to the club :).

Just for the record: Do your gazillions of alts retire now too :D ?

Edited 3/4/2014 22:59:58
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 00:13:19

Level 50
Goodbye Gnuffone. You have contributed a lot in participating. You were like always online to play with others, and that helped to glue players together.

You will be missed.

@gui, if it is for "fair" to correct gnuffone's statement, then for fair you should recognize his actual achievement too
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 00:25:16

Level 17
Gnuff was a mean, mean alt outer. Bye bye little bird.
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 00:37:19

Level 56
Finally going to spent your time usefull i hope!
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 00:54:25

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
goodbye Gnuff, i still believe you are Dark Vengeance
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 01:48:10

Level 55
Dark vengeance is game delaying against me, yet he surrenders to gnuffone. There for dark vengeance = gnuffone
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 02:42:14

Level 57
Bye Gnuffles :'(

Edited 3/5/2014 03:21:23
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 07:03:14

Level 57
Bye :/ good luck in real life ^^
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 07:19:10

Level 59
RL > WL, good bye, good luck, see you in a few months :)
Bye WarLight: 3/5/2014 07:27:16

Level 55
Unreality, what did gnuff achieve that is not recognized? He said he did certain things. It is all true. I am saying he juiced some of his stats/accomplishments in an effort to use his stats to make the argument that he is the best. This is also true.

Everything gnuffone has done in the last year was for one goal: Seek recognition from the forum.

By juicing his stats, it makes it harder to really evaluate his true skill level. This is unfortunate, because, as I have long told him in private, he is one of the best 5-10 players ever. But by juicing his stats, he has become the Barry Bonds of WL.

Asterisks are good, if you like them.
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