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Efficient blacklist /invite-list management: 3/13/2012 09:19:33

✳ dot 
Level 5

when I look onto my blacklist, I cant barely remember, when and why i have blacklisted several players.

As i believe, that most of this players changed their behavior or left the game, i would like, to clean up my blacklist time by time.

Unfortunately the blacklist has not even the feature of showing idle-time of the invite-list.

So my idea: Why not combining the two lists in one list.
Instead of setting a player on one of the two lists, give the possibility to increment or decrement the score of a player on the private list.

That would lead to a list, where I have players listed with scores like:

name score last-change idle-for
- - -
playerA +9 2012-03-13 2h
playerB +7 2012-03-11 1d1h
playerC +2 2012-02-20 3d12h
playerY -4 2012-03-12 14h
playerZ -7 2012-01-15 12d

I will now have different possibilities:

I have now a possibility of a incremental blacklisting, not the neither/nor of the current system.

When I create new games, i set a open seat prerequisite of at least a score of for example -3

In that case, players which got before a negative score, are still able to join my games and they are able to improve the score-value by better playing/Team-behaviour/etc.

Players i have never played before have just a score of 0

And with the last-changed column, i have even a tool, to delete players from that list.

A migration way could be, that all players from invite list merge into the combined list with a score of +1 and all players from blacklist with a score of -1

Just my idea open for discussion

Efficient blacklist /invite-list management: 3/13/2012 10:00:29

Level 49
I like this. I think that what people are voicing is a way to 'manage' the social aspect of warlight.

With some tweaks of either the invite system, or even the blacklist, some trends would be abundantly clear, which would turn make the game more "social", as well as defacto making douchey behaviour less popular.
Efficient blacklist /invite-list management: 3/13/2012 15:37:28

Level 44
I like this idea..
it attempts to resolve a problem that has been voiced by others previously, and does so as effectively as any reasonable solution I can think of atm..
Efficient blacklist /invite-list management: 3/13/2012 16:10:25

Level 56
I like the idea, but the range of numbers you seem to be using looks arbitrary and pretty large. If this were to be implemented, I'd suggest maybe limits of +/- 2 or 3.
Efficient blacklist /invite-list management: 3/13/2012 16:11:26

Level 53
players you never played before should have N/A (not applicable) next to them so you can give some people 0 and not get them mixed up with who you never played
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