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Additional time in first turn: 3/13/2012 08:44:25

✳ dot 
Level 5

especially in fast games it would be a nice feature, giving additional time to first turn (vice versa to banking boot time).
As somne players lose some minutes, till they got notification, that the game has started, and after random deployment some time is needed in teams, to discuss a common strategy, i would like to have a feature, to create games for example
with 5min Boot/Autoboot and in first turn additional 10min

have this idea, after getting booted from a NOOB in first turn, while still working on strategy.


Additional time in first turn: 3/13/2012 13:41:36

Level 10
Who's the "noob", if they noticed how long they had to take their turn and acted accordingly, and you got caught out because you weren't paying attention?

Don't get me wrong, I'd like extra time on the first turn, but this is pure sore-loser on your part.
Additional time in first turn: 3/13/2012 15:34:34

Level 44
I agree with this idea... as an option of course.

there are many reasons why additional time could be needed/helpful on the first turn..
random teams, discussing team strategy has to happen at first turn, and then slightly as the game progresses..
random distribution, alot happens the first turn, which would require team strategy
people can start a rt game, and not have to be immediately at the game forever after until it starts.. it will give them some leeway to do things IRL.

it has been mentioned before.. not sure if on uservoice however.. check it out and post it if it isn't
Additional time in first turn: 3/13/2012 16:17:31

Level 53
good idea agree with the above
Additional time in first turn: 3/13/2012 17:00:43

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
First turn/territory picks is the most important turn of the game most of the time. I can't imagine playing RT with strangers on my team just because of that first turn. In multi-day it's fine, because you almost always have the time to talk it out.

So yeah, I agree that it makes a good option to add, especially for RT games.
Additional time in first turn: 3/13/2012 22:10:10

Level 51
A very good idea. I've been in those games with veteran teammates, and we almost always go overtime on picks and strategy. Even giving us an extra 2-3 minutes would be really helpful if we can chat without worry of getting booted
Additional time in first turn: 3/15/2012 23:46:30

Level 4

it would be very useful to have more time to make your picks in games with manual deployment, and specialy in real time team games with manual deployment there is mostly not enought time to discuss strategy and deployment with team...
Additional time in first turn: 3/17/2012 04:06:22

Level 41
lets say you joined a game but it havent started
10 minutes later when you are checking your multi day while waiting for it to start
but it actually started
then when you come back and check
the next thing you know is

i support this idea
Additional time in first turn: 3/17/2012 04:10:27

Level 35
There is a simple solution to that extremely simple problem: use multiple tabs!
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