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Open games screen and pop-ups: 3/10/2012 04:57:50

Level 12
These are just a few things that I have been curious about since I started playing here.

-On the "Open Games" screen, the buttons on the upper right (Refresh and S???) appear mostly off of my screen. I use a laptop set to its maximum resolution. Zooming in and out on the page only changes the top bar (i.e. half of the warlight insignia, home, single player, etc.), unlike zooming in and out on other pages.

-After clicking a player's name, their small info pop-up always appears half-way off the left of my screen, requiring me to drag it in order to see it. Though the settings pop-up doesn't fit on my screen, it at least is centered and high enough on my screen to view most of it.

-In-game, hovering over territories shows the territory name, but always to the right of the cursor. When zoomed in even a little, this means that I can't see the territory name for the territories on the right of my screen.

Forgive lack of technical terminology, but it seems like some aspects of the website "know" the edges of my screen while others don't. I'm curious as to whether or not there is anything I can do to resolve the issue.
Open games screen and pop-ups: 3/10/2012 09:44:13

Level 50
This should be on bugs forum.
And except for that I have no idea what's wrong with your laptop, since I don't have that problem on mine.
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