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QM Boot Times: 10/13/2018 01:28:00

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 62
It sure seems that the QM templates all have different boot times, especially for Real Time. Difference in time/turn, initial banked time, etc.

Is this be design?

Is this good?

Seems like some maps could call for different boot settings than others, e.g., large maps may need more time in later turns, so a banking boot option is appropriate.

But there may be some merit into standardizing the boot times.
QM Boot Times: 10/15/2018 23:44:57

The Joey
Level 59
Naah, I don't think all maps are compatible for the same boot settings. Small Earth would suck with 5 minutes, and a 5 minute bank. Especially given the number of people who I play that end up getting booted. On the flip side some of the larger maps, or local deployment would be near impossible to play with a smaller boot time, and no bank. But that is just my 2 cents.
QM Boot Times: 10/16/2018 14:51:11

Level 57
I think boot times should be standardized across all QM, but its up to the people who submitted the templates. They are all community made, I believe.
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