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4 25-coin challenges: 10/8/2018 01:01:22

Level 56
[Reposted because trolls mass downvoted old thread. Trolls not welcome (that includes you DanWL)]

Ok, this challenge's reward is mostly pride and sense of achievement for embarassing Fizzer for not putting the option to pick your country. I'm giving 4 coin challenges actually, each for 25 coins.
  • Get #1 on the national Israeli QM and then change your username to "ZIONISTS GET OUT OF PALESTINE"
  • Get #1 on the national Serb QM and then change your username to "KOSOVO IS NOT SERBIA XD"
  • Get #1 on national Ukrainian QM and change your username to "Crimea is not Ukrainian. LOL !!"
  • Get #1 on any national Arab-country QM and then change your username to "MOHAMMED WAS A PEDOPHILE"
The only other limit I have on this challenge is that you can not live in the country that you are trying to get the challenge for (though exceptions can be made, for example, if you live in Kosovo, it will still show you under the Serb flag in WZ, but I'll count you as foreign). And yes, I'm serious, I will give 25 coins to anyone who proves they have an account that got #1 on these national ladders with this username.
4 25-coin challenges: 10/8/2018 01:10:36

Level 63
4 25-coin challenges: 10/8/2018 01:24:12

Level 58
So where can we see national ladders?
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