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Quickmatch Parings: 9/23/2018 20:15:33

Level 61
I once was ranked in the top 20 of the Auto-Imp.Rom. LD Leaderboard. Now I am 52nd. Obviously it is because I have been getting beat by better players. Fine, that's how I will learn and hopefully get better.
But I am being matched a lot more with players in the top 20, than in the 40's or 50's. I have been matched with the #1 player twice in the last two weeks. Is there something in the pairing algorithm other that rating?
Quickmatch Parings: 9/23/2018 22:16:08

Level 62

Warzone Creator
It uses a combination of your global rating and your rating for that template.
Quickmatch Parings: 9/23/2018 22:30:24

Level 58
We are pitted against opponents around our rating in quickmatch?
Quickmatch Parings: 9/24/2018 09:53:53

The Last Kiss
Level 55
matchmaking seems to be based upon match rating, which is what is shown ingame. It's a weighted average of your 1v1 rating, real-time, or multi-day, and the specific template as best as I can gather.

However real-time quickmatch games are not matched particularly tightly, the time of day typically has a larger impact on your opponents than your rating.

Example, my most recent opponent:

Contender: The Last Kiss (match rating 154.48)
Contender: bowasz (match rating 44.5)

That's a template I have barely played so my match rating is fairly low, but he has 444.1 global rating, rank 1678 global, and 0 rating on the template whereas I have 65 on the template (rank 49), and 1050.8 global (rank 36).
Posts 1 - 4 of 4