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Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 18:22:02

Level 58
Hi.. I am going to present to you guys a story. Many of you will be disinterested, especially due to the length of the story, but to anyone who bothers to read this, I hope you can enjoy this piece of Warlight/Warzone history. Please excuse my lazy writing. If you care a lot about writing structure, I could have certainly put a bit more effort into making this look professional, but it's not something I'd imagine too many care about anyway. So here's my story!


On September 6th of 2015, a young and peppy Italian user by the name of MarioFr joined Warlight. MarioFr would soon join the Italian clan known as Italia Caput Mundi, run by the Apprentice member, Scrooge McDuck. MarioFr was a little different from most users. His sense of morality was not so much there. He took no issue flaming users, writing racist messages, writing xenophobic comments, and trolling the chat in a non-chalant, rage-free tone. One time, he decided to take his casual racism out on Maayan, by making disparaging remarks about Indians.

However, he picked on the wrong individual this time, as Maayan is not simply some random Warlight user, but someone with a little more significance. Maayan showed me the game, and perhaps some others, and we quickly got him suspended, and kicked out of his own clan. Some time after his suspension, MarioFr would be shown sporting a profile picture of an MH Member (known as Pete Hansen) claiming him to be a pedophile. After his suspension, a user called Kimi Räikkönen emerges.

Kimi Räikkönen carried the same dark tone as MarioFr, but he had come back with new ambitions. Kimi Räikkönen joined LuFredd and took to the Real Time Ladder, and played very actively there, often stalling his opponents just to get under their skin. Due to his stalling, MarioFr had arguably become one of the most toxic users in the competitive scene, however, that didn't last too long either, because Kimi Räikkönen had soon gotten suspended as well shortly after joining NWO. So was that it for Mario/Kimi?

Absolutely not. The user had already built up quite a resume; the miscreant refugee whose words had constantly gotten him suspended for flaming refused to stay down, so he started a new account. This new account was called Germano Mosconi, the account that would later be known to many as Joffrey The Inbred. Germano Mosconi stopped playing the RTL, and had decided to assimilate himself comfortably into the Rise of Rome scene. His skills improved, and while he was no Master of the Dead, he could be considered one of the best active Rise of Rome players.

During this period, Joffrey (then known as Germano Mosconi) had met me. He had also met other active RoR players, such as Leviathan (Formerly known as Saw-sisse) and FortKnoxville, among other well known RoR players (Like Chicken and IRiseYouFall). Due to Germano's incredibly impressive activity, and respectable skill level, we ended up playing together very often, alongside FortKnoxville, Leviathan, Benoit, and occasionally other well known / active players. Germano later on became Joffrey The Inbred, and he joined Glorious Vipers. We would farm together regularly, talk, and it was quite a fun time.

But behind the scenes, he was still flaming users, and he had taken a liking to rigging diplomacy games. On his MarioFr account (Which he had changed name of to a user's real-life name), he had done a trolling 'impersonation' of another user, whom I happen to be friends with as well. He was far too mischievous for his own good. Joffrey The Inbred had gained manager rights of Glorious Vipers due to his activity, and wishing to recruit members to the clan (which he did, in fact do). However, he had betrayed the leader's trust by kicking Nutella (now in Outlaws) out of the clan after a petty argument, as well as a couple other players.

Joffrey was quickly stripped of his manager rights, and he had argued with the leader (Great Cobra) in a tournament game. He left the clan, but due to both players being RoR addicts, they eventually came back together to continue to play more games on the same team. This would eventually lead to the creation of the clan known as "House Lannister", which was a clan Great Cobra started for Joffrey The Inbred, so that he could enjoy having his own clan with his own rules, rather than housing himself in Glorious Vipers and and making enemies.

House Lannister was set up as a GoT roleplay clan, housing alts of some of the best active RoR players in the scene. The clan housed me (Cercei), FortKnoxville (René Descartes of VS), Tyrion Lannister (Badboytripeiro of GV), Jamie (Benoit, NWO), and Albedo (Leviathan, ex 7th Heaven/MH). We played RoR games together, easily defeating every team that challenged us. We had made plans to prove ourselves in RoR tournaments against other clans, but that all fell short with Joffrey's month? suspension.

Joffrey just never ceased to stop causing trouble, and after what seemed to be thousands of petty internet fights, and reports filed against him, Joffrey (who was so sure he wouldn't get suspended without resorting back to racism/xenophobia was cut. Joffrey had access to his Dumitru account (The account formerly known as MarioFr), but he had decided he was done. He wanted to quit Warlight entirely, so without leaving any fairwells, he left the game for good. This ends the story of Joffrey The Inbred, a story spanning almost 3 years of trolling, but if you look a little deeper, there was a little more.

Joffrey was an incredibly active player. You could have started a RoR game at any point of the day, and there would be a huge chance he would join it. His activity and dedication to RoR was something very few players rivaled, other than Fort, Leviathan, and possibly myself. It seemed Joffrey was finally gone for good. So what happened to House Lannister in Joffrey's absence? Well for one, Furious Logan joined it. I (Cercei) invited him to the clan during one of his streams. I asked

Logan why he was clanless, and he didn't appear to see the point of joining a clan, but he subtly mentioned joining Joffrey's clan as something that would be amusing, due to the ironic fact that Logan loathed Joffrey and saw to his suspension. Logan joined the clan during that very stream, and wrote a few posts on the forum, alongside Bane (whose alt had been withdrawn from the clan).

So that's my story. Joffrey wasn't always a friendly character, but despite that, I can't help but to an extent miss playing with him. Maybe one day he'll return, but for a month and a half now he's been vacant, despite his suspension having been lifted.

The End.

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Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 20:53:25

Level 60
Say his name 3 times and you’ll summon lagoona.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 20:53:37

Level 62
He's not currently suspended and it was good that he was suspended because he was breaking Warzone's rules regularly (was reported roughly 100 times in total).

Interesting post. It's nice to know the background and why he was like how he was/is.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 21:14:49

Level 58
That is true Dan. He is not suspended, he's deliberately stayed away. I'm not sure why, but due to his incessant rulebreaking I suppose it's for the best.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 21:20:56

Level 61

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Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 21:23:36

Level 37
Game of Thrones fans are always so unpleasant.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 21:44:46

Level 58
^ lol
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/16/2018 23:50:01

The Furious Logan
Level 27
interesting post funaki. yea a lot of this i didint know about Joffrey the Inbred. i mean i saw him in ror games but i did not know he was that well known of a player in ror. anyways yea sorry for your loss of a friend funaki but i did as a player what i had to do by reporting him. and yes when i joined his clan i saw it as a joke but since have wanted to see the clan grow.

thank you for the history Funaki.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/17/2018 00:57:13

Level 58
Thanks for the words. Feedback inspires me to write things like this. I love comments, and yeah we were friends, but his behavior was inexcusable so I'm not gonna say he didn't deserve to be suspended because ofc he did. Problems is he didn't stop; he repeated the same offenses over and over again and basically prompted mods incessantly to ban him.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/17/2018 03:36:24

Mista Sista
Level 55
Good riddance. The guy was a cancer. Didn’t know that he had a run-in with good guy Maayan and his alt army, though. That’s pretty funny.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/17/2018 04:35:24

Level 58
Yup! The warlight world is pretty small.

Also, I forgot to mention somewhere in the third paragraph, Kimi was suspended while he was a part of LuFredd, then he was kicked out of LuFredd which is what lead to him joining NWO. In total, he was suspended I believe at least 6 times, with all three of his accounts having been suspended at least twice I think.

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Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/18/2018 17:18:19

Level 53
Wait was Gavin in the GoT clan?
Anyways, were the trolling years from 2013-2016? I only started playing in 2016, so I don;t know much about this.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/19/2018 03:09:04

Level 58
Trolling of WL is gone but shitposting is still a very common issue

And who is Gavin? Only one member of House Lannister has left the clan, and that was Leviathan's alt.
Funaki Storytime: Chronicle of Joffrey the Inbred: 9/21/2018 16:39:23

It is Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon
Level 5
I remember asking different players to report using those screenshots I gave you Funaki.
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