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Warlight for Android: 3/4/2012 22:38:16

Level 15
I install Warlight for android and i see that it is exclusive for Warlight Member. I think that this have to change for the good of the community and the game.

I think that if i could play without being a warlight member i would play in anothers places like the school. So this bring more activity to the game.

Please consider the petition.
Warlight for Android: 3/4/2012 22:52:55

Level 3
It's still only alpha isn't it? I'm guessing when it's fully working and released anyone'll be able to get it. Maybe free for members and a small charge for others? I'd pay for it.
Warlight for Android: 3/4/2012 23:02:08

Level 56
I would guess that it'll always be free to "members" and the reason it's member-only now is that because it's in Alpha. To the best of my knowledge, It will be released to all players once it's in Beta or in Full.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3