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Not getting notifications: 9/5/2018 00:40:05

Level 54
This started about a month ago, roughly.

First I stopped getting push notifications to the mobile app for new game invites.
Now, Im no longer getting notifications for my turn either.

Anyone else experiencing issues with push notifications?
- downvoted post by The Furious Logan
Not getting notifications: 9/5/2018 01:00:00

Level 60
Perhaps you can check your settings? I dont play on mobile so I cant really help

And I agree logan, however that's because the help forum is usually done sincerely and people gives answers quickly and solve the issue. So I think it's actually better that it's not as active so people can see it and provide assistance easily without derailing a thread
Not getting notifications: 9/5/2018 05:54:55

Level 63
Best place for bug reports is https://www.warzone.com/ReportBug.
Not getting notifications: 9/6/2018 12:04:52

The Last Kiss
Level 55
The game doesn't seem to be sending any emails currently actually. Verify email seems to not be functioning.
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