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Another Warlight Crash: 3/3/2012 19:46:08

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
At 19:42 GMT Warlight crashed for me and 10 other players in two different games. When i refreshed the browser, i couldn't get back into the website. Did anyone else notice this problem.
Another Warlight Crash: 3/3/2012 20:20:39

brisk • apex 
Level 58
I think that the website was busy, because it was very slow today.
Another Warlight Crash: 3/3/2012 20:24:42

Level 60
we had problem to commit orders ....but only for few minutes
Another Warlight Crash: 3/4/2012 14:59:07

Level 53
i had two tabs on warlight open that time so i just went to the second one and it worked
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