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Western Hemisphere (AGAIN!!): 3/3/2012 02:23:36

Level 18
here is another step i have taken to divide some of the territories. As for some of the overlapping borders this is my first map and it doesn't have to be perfect.
[more map](http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=11018)
Western Hemisphere (AGAIN!!): 3/3/2012 03:03:53

Level 46
Did you think about the fact bonuses are additive; because Brazil is a subset of Northern South America, holding that bonus is worth 26 + 10 (because by definition, you hold Brazil) = 36. Even if you want to use bonus values like you do now (bonus = 2 * number of territories, which I think is far too generous), how about the following:

Brazil 5 territories 8 armies
Northern SA 13 territories 16 armies (24 including Brazil)

Argentina 4 territories 6 armies
Southern SA 10 territories 12 armies (18 including Argentina)

South America 23 territories 4 armies (46 including Northern, Southern SA)

I know it looks weird for the biggest bonus to be worth the least, but because the smaller ones get added to it, it does make sense.

A similar argument of course holds for the other parts of the map (such as the USA; those 50 territories are currently worth 200 reinforcements; most other maps would make them worth 40, at most).


Can I ask how often you played this map, to test how well these bonus values work in practice (and to find missing connections and such)? If you tried it a few times and it works, then okay. But if you're just using values that sound good (everyone loves a high income, but remember, that also means your opponent will have a high income!) then I'd like to urge you to test it; my intuition says they are too high.

Personally, I'd prefer if you keep everything related to this map (all versions of it) in one single thread, that makes it easier to follow. I can keep threads open and just refresh them when I get back to see what I missed (in fact, I have about 30 WL forum tabs open right now). But if you start new threads all the time, if they're not popular enough to show up in the top ten most recently active threads on the dashboard, I'll completely miss them, the same probably goes for other people. On the other hand, I am not aware of any real benefit to having a new thread all the time.
Western Hemisphere (AGAIN!!): 3/3/2012 04:45:25

dodo comander 
Level 57
Have you considered adding the capital of Canada the United states and Mexico. I think that be fun!

Western Hemisphere (AGAIN!!): 3/3/2012 11:41:39

Level 50
Your argument doesn't make sense! Exactly **because** it is your first map is why you should try your best to make it perfect! Overlapping borders and misspelled territory names are the things that make a map suck. As a map-builder myself, I know it can be hard, but it is all worth it!
Western Hemisphere (AGAIN!!): 3/3/2012 12:15:05

Level 50
And please, just use the states of Mexico, the states of Brazil and the provinces of Argentina, not the dull north, central and other divisions.
Western Hemisphere (AGAIN!!): 3/3/2012 23:44:39

Level 6
Haiti, Dominican Repuclic, Florida keys, Antilles, Bahamas, Jamaica, Galapagos,Hawaii, Greenland, Delaware, New York, West Virginia, Nicaragua, Belize and Falkland islands dont look realistic. Puerto Rico is too big. Aleutian islands should be on Alaska. The keys are part of Florida. I kow; I am Floridian. States/ Privinces would be nice in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. The bonuses are too big...

But other than that the map is good.
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