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Snake Island: 8/24/2018 18:41:56

Level 45

Snake Island is a map based off of the beautiful Queimada Grande, an island off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic ocean, home to many different species of snakes. The map is drawn in the 3D style, and comes with boats and a cave complex to easily travel across the map.

Please, if you have time, check the map out and rate it if you enjoy it. I am going to attempt to come up with a good template for 3v3 games, and then I will start tournaments and MD games on it. Thank you everyone for your time, it means a lot.

Members of GV/Snakelets as bonuses: Edge of Seamaster, Death Becomes You, Gojirra Reef, Dogo Elite Crag, Handy Alley, Great Cobra Ridge, Jolskiii Brigade, Misaka Sea Wall, Real Panda Corner.

Edited 8/24/2018 22:06:41
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