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{rp} under siege: 8/23/2018 22:28:14

Level 56
{rp} is inviting players to play some roleplay games. There will probably be multiple games.

Game number one is created. Feel free to join.



This is a game for players who are interested in joining or just playing with {rp}.

In the last months players of {rp} has been playing a bit to much in their small group. We could need some fresh blood and creative ideas.

So join this game if you want to roleplay the siege of the Copper Creek Castle. Since you want to get into a group you will be on the attackers side. ;)


The Copper Creek Castle is under attack. Foreign invaders appeared at the gates. Some of the dissatisfied groups of the castle decided to join the attackers to improve their own status.
Followers of the old gods always seeked to get revenge against the followers of this weak new god.
The Artisans want to gain political influence and the poor want their share.
The attacker team has the goal to conquer all of the initial territories of the ruler. Once they managed this they win the game.

Large parts of the town are filled with unarmed citizens (Slot AX) but will they stay neutral?
When one of the teams takes a neutral bonus they gain an aggressio counter. Once a team has 3 agression counters more than the other team some citizens will start to defend against the aggressor.
(Slot AX will have to count the lost bonusses. Only the first occupation of a bonus counts. So when team 1 takes a neutral bonus they get 1 aggression counter. If team 2 takes the very same bonus of team 1 later it will not get any aggression counter.)

Keep the initial distribution in mind. There are some stacks for Slot AX which are meant to help the gamemaster punish wrong player behavior. These stack will not fight except someone is trying to ruin the game. The neutrals will only fight with parts of their reinforcements once they joined a side.

Team 1
Slot A: ruler of the Copper Creek Castle
Slot B: merchants
Slot C: monks of the Sangreal Order
Slot D: city guards

Team 2
Slot E: artisans
Slot F: wrath of the lower class
Slot G: heretics
Slot H: foreign invaders

Slot AX: neutral citizens (gamemaster slot)
{rp} under siege: 8/27/2018 14:25:55

Level 56
first game started.
second game is here:

{rp} under siege: 8/30/2018 19:09:19

Level 56
I remember why I did not play many public RPs recently. :D

If anyone is interested in joining a scenario in the future you might post here or write me a pm.
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