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Did I get "fooled" by a statshunter?: 2/26/2014 23:45:03

Kenny Powers
Level 55

The game was called 2v2 and I entered right away without checking settings.
After I realized it was a FFA I asked for a vote to end.
The creator of the game just said "just play".

I started to smell fish.
Checked stats and I could see that the creator had won 53% of the 4players FFA, and one of the other players had 0/12
The last noob had 0/6 or something, but also he had tried some FFA.

The players did attack each other - but I guess "no one" would make a "scam" like this without trying to make it look honest and fair.
But one thing was for sure - al_bou only did one successful attack on swansea (durocortorum, 1bonus) - the person I was pretty sure made this game to get better stats.
Yeah, in the ending he did not defend his bouns (egypt), instead he defended Northern Gaul against swansea, but he did not make any attemps to fuck him up while swansea just move his armies around.

And of course he later won.

Of course it's not important, could not care less if I lost or not - but was my suspicion right?


Edited 2/26/2014 23:46:12
Did I get "fooled" by a statshunter?: 2/26/2014 23:56:44

Level 60
you linked the game two times :D
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