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My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 21:17:03

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
10. United States Big [3.1] made by Gunz (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=24591)
9. Heavy Earth made by Fizzer (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=17212)
8. Pacific War (1942: climax of the Japanese Empire) made by mantis religiosa (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=10553)
7. Oceania made by DynamiteT (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=13394)
6. Europe AD 1066 made by Moros (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=19414)
5. Rise of Rome made by Incaman (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=16114)
note: good for team games , the most rated map on warlight.
4. Alternative Europe made by Major Risk (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=15537)
note: best Europe map ever! good remake of Troll's Europe.
3. Eastern Asia made by Qi (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=430)
note: the first WL map that had more than 800 territorie. I love the extra bonusses.
2. World Nations 2012 made by {rp} pedrito (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=17462)
note: the most used map for diplomacy playing, original and gave me inspiration for the European Union map.

Dismissed mentions:
Imperium Romanum (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=2738)
Europe Big (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=8543)
Issander's Huge World (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=19235)
Complete complex (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=16021)
Battle for Middle Earth (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=1734)



1. Atlantis made by 「 Ra 」(http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=22269)
note: good design, I love the style of a board game. Very good shape, you can play it strategical. Good for teams and 1vs1. Some territories have funny names :)

What's your list? Tell me.
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 21:19:37

Level 60
most of them are too big in my opinion. btw you forgot the apple map.
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 21:21:55

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
A map that includes about 14* territories is not a good map in my opnion

Edit*: 14 territories

Edited 2/26/2014 21:23:49
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 21:24:53

Level 60
the apple map really is the best, isnt it?
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 21:26:31

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
This is not the top 10 worst maps
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 21:56:06

Level 60
I don't see any of mine on there, this list is crap :)

But seriously, not a fan of many of those maps. Big USA is well done, but it is crap for strategic value and is just too big. I will never play another game on that map. Many of your list are that way (too big, no strategic value), but I do like some of them.

Also, I am betting you have not even played on one of my maps (and will have to check my profile to find out what they are).
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 22:04:13

Level 61
No duel huh? How can we even take this list seriously!

Edited 2/26/2014 22:04:32
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 22:39:34

Level 59
Imperium Romanium is the most popular
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/26/2014 22:52:28

Level 57
10. Laketown by Garret
9.Treasure Map by Muppet
8. Turkiye by Faith Sultan Mehmed
7.Battle Islands V by Chaos
6. EO&A by Elitz
5.Phobia by Chaos
4.Imperium Romanum by Kayn
3.Ancient Greece by Qi
2.Europe by Troll
1.Medium Earth by Fizzer

10.The big World by Caio Veleso
9.Africa big by TheKing
8.Iberia by Ibu Batuta
7.The land of Ice and Fire by Kheimon
6.Easten Asia by TexasJohn
5.Issanders Huge World
4.Fall of Jerusalem by Incaman
3.Rise of Rome by Incaman
2.Europe Big by Cpenko
1.1066 AD Europe by Moros

As we are on top 10, the best map makers in my opinion:
10. Idk
5.Major Risk
My top 10 best Warlight maps: 2/27/2014 16:54:29

Level 60
Appollo, can you list the maps they have done (your top 10 makers)? I don't even know what some of them have made (I know most).

Actually, that would be a great post from Fizzer. I am sure he could pull a list of all maps by maker from his database.
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