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chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:38:34

The Furious Logan
Level 27
just chat you know the rules
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:39:29

Level 60
this should be on off topic tbh
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Aura Guardian 
Level 62
yea this need to be off topic I think.
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:40:30

Level 63
| Level 1-1 |

Go right to find a Goomba, your first enemy. Stomp on it to defeat it
(or just skip it if you'd like) to find two ? Blocks to your right.
Hit them from below for two coins. When you get 100 coins, you get a
1UP. Jump onto the pink block to the right and use it to hit the high-
floating ? Blocks for a coin and a Super Mushroom, which I will call
"Mushrooms" from here on out. Take it to become Super Mario. In this
form, you can sustain two hits before losing a life and you are twice
as tall as normal. To the right is an enemy called a Venus Fire Trap,
related to the Piranha Plant. It rises up from its pipe and shoots a
single fireball in your direction. If you stand next to the pipe, it
will retreat into it. Jump onto the pipe and jump right to hit
another ? Block for a coin. Now jump right onto the blocks there and
drop to the green block the turtle is on. This red-shelled turtle is
called a Koopa Troopa, the backbone of the Koopa Troop. Jump onto it
and it will retreat into its shell. Pick up the shell with B and then
walk right. See the ? Block on the ground there? Release B to send
the shell into the block. Out comes, assuming you managed to stay as
Super Mario, a Super Leaf. Now, you have two options.

ROUTE 1: As Raccoon Mario, you have many new abilities. Press B to
swing your tail around, which can defeat enemies. Raccoon Mario's
other advantage is flight. Go right and defeat the Goomba and Para-
Goomba with jumps or tail whips. Then, stand back at the ? Block you
got the Super Leaf from, and take off running (hold B to run). When
you see a trail of coins leading to the upper-right, jump and press A
repeatedly to fly upward. Neat-o! Follow this trail of coins to
clouds in the sky, but land on a pink block. Take the three coins here
on the block and hit the ? Block while looking right so that the 1UP
Mushroom inside goes right. Claim it for an extra life before going
right to more coins. When you have them all, go left to the edge of
the clouds. Take off from there to fly until you see a pipe to land on.
Take it down to find coins in the shape of a 3 (for Super Mario Bros.
3). Upon exiting, go left to find a Koopa Troopa (red) and some yellow

ROUTE 2: If you aren't Raccoon Mario, go right of the ? Block and hit
the other one for a coin. Now, defeat the Goomba to find a Para-Goomba,
a winged version of the enemy (still weak, though). If you jump on it,
it loses its wings and becomes a normal Goomba. Skip them and go right
A wave of Koopa Paratroopa, winged versions of the Koopa Troopa, are
bounding forth to crush you. Get on the ground, let them pass over you
on the blocks, and then go right to another ? Block. Hit it for a
power-up (a power-up is any item that changes your form - a Mushroom, a
Super Leaf, or a Fire Flower). Now go right to a few small stones you
can jump on. Jump right, pass two Piranha Plants, one of which is a
Venus Fire Trap, and you'll reach a series of blocks by a Koopa Troopa
of the red variety.

REJOINED: Jump onto the Koopa Troopa and kick its shell to the left.
It should carve out an opening in the blocks. If you hit the
overhanging one, a P Switch (blue) will appear. If you jump on it, all
the blocks here turn to coins. Collect them all before going right.
Jump through the opening in the pipes, go right past the pipe, and then
proceed to a black screen. This is the end of the level. If you jump
into the flashing slot, you'll get a card. Three cards get you a 1UP
if they don't match. Three Mushrooms get you a 2UP, three Fire Flowers
a 3UP, and three Starmen a 5UP. Jump into the card to complete the
level! Congrats on your first level completed.

| Level 1-2 |

Grass Land really lives up to its name here. Go right up the hill and
jump to a pipe. See the Goomba coming up the hill? If you stand on
the hill and press Down, you can slide right into it. But, jump before
you reach the end as not to slide into a pit. Hit the ? Block there
for a power-up, and then use the block to jump to the horizontal pipe
above. Out the right side are endless Goombas coming and to the right
of it is a Para-Goomba. Defeat or avoid both. Then go right, not
collecting any coins. If you are Super or Raccoon Mario, run right and
duck to slide under the blocks (if you're regular Mario, just walk
under it). Jump to hit the left block, making a P Switch appear. Jump
on the switch to make the coins there turn into blocks. Jump from them
to the pipe, which you should take down to a group of coins. Notice
the music; it is from Level 1-2 of Super Mario Bros. In any case, go
left through the pipe to emerge outside. Go right from there to
reappear by the pipe you just took.

Avoid the Venus Fire Trap and go right past two Goombas to reach a hil.
Jump to the top and defeat the Para-Goomba to the right. Now bounce on
the second Jump Block (the white block with the musical note in it) to
knock down a power-up. Take it and go right to a Venus Fire Trap and
more Jump Blocks. Jump right to a pipe and stand there. Face left and
jump into the bottom of the Jump Block overhead for a Starman, which
goes right. If you take it, your jump changes into a flying somersault
and you become Invincible Mario! As such, you can touch any enemy
(most, at least) and kill them instantly! Run right past a series of
enemies, plowing through them, until you reach a light brown Para-
Goomba flying overhead. It drops enemies called Mugger Micro-Goombas.
Named for their skill, they latch onto you to slow you down. Just run
right past them to find the card, the end of the level.

| Level 1-3 |

A level famous for its secret, see "World 9" for those details. Start
by going right and jumping on the Koopa Troopa here. Grab and hold the
shell (it will come in handy later). Release into the enemy to the
right and then bounce up the Jump Blocks to a red Koopa Troopa. Kick
its shell to the left and watch it clear out a path for you. One block
contains a power-up, and the right ? Block a coin. Also, if you jump
just right of the leftmost ? Block, you'll make a red Jump Block appear.
Bounce on the top and press A as you go up to reach "coin heaven."

Here, collect coins on the ground as the screen scrolls right. If you
are Raccoon Mario, you can take off into the skies when you see the
third series of coins and hit a block surrounded by coins for a 1UP
Mushroom (make sure to hit it while facing left). From there, go right
some more to reach a pipe. After possibly collecting all 57 coins (22
around the 1UP block, and 35 along the ground), take the pipe at the
end to fall to the normal level. Simply go right to the card, the end
of the level.

| Level 1-4 |

This, as is Level 1-3, is an optional level. But, if you collect 44
coins or more in this level, something special might happen... See
"White Toad's Houses" for more details. This is one of the few levels
that scrolls to the right constantly, making you move with the screen.

Jump right onto the blocks there and then jump onto the wooden plank
floating in the air (if the clouds weren't enough, then surly that's
proof that there's something wrong with this level...). Jump through the
six coins here to land on the blocks to the right. Jump right when you
can, and be sure to drop to the lower level. Face left and hit the
block left of the upper-right block for a 1UP Mushroom, which will
slide right.

Now defeat the Koopa Troopa and grab its shell. Jump right onto the
upper block and release the shell (be careful not to be hit when it
bounces back) for a 1UP Mushroom.

Now jump right to a wooden plank. Be sure to line yourself up with the
row of coins and then drop down until you have them all on the plank.
Then jump through the opening. Hit the two blocks above the opening if
you are Super Mario or better. The second one in this stack contains
several coins.

Now continue right to see a Koopa Paratroopa floating up and down.
Jump onto it, pressing A after you land to bounce off of it through the
coins, and land on the pipe. Take it down to appear by a Boomerang
Brother. You've encountered them before, but that was in 1-3 when you
killed it with a shell. They throw boomerangs, up to two at a time,
although almost any attack can kill them. For now, though, just avoid
them and go right to the card. Mission complete!
- downvoted post by The Furious Logan
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:41:36

Level 63
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:41:44

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
Good stuff bane I want more.

Edited 8/20/2018 02:41:52
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:43:06

Level 63
| Toad's House #1 |

Normally, I will not cover this as a level (I list this sort of
information below the map), but I will now because it is World 1. Here,
a local Toad has this to say:

"Pick a box. Its contents will help you on your way."

Gifted speaker though he is, he has a simple but helpful game for you
to play. He'll let you take the contents of a chest for your use, but
you don't know what you'll get (in this house, anyways). Here's how it
works. There are three chests, and three treasures are shuffled within
(in this case, all the power-ups). You can pick one (press B to select
a chest) and keep the item inside. To use it, press B on the map to
bring up the "item bar." Select an item with A and you can use it on
the map so that you begin the next level with it. As I show below the
map, this is how you read this information (I will not review this in
each world).

Toad's House 1: Random (3)
Contents : Mushroom, Fire Flower, Super Leaf

Toad's House 1 says that they randomly shuffle three items, which are a
Mushroom, a Fire Flower, and a Super Leaf. Easy, enough, right?

Note: I feel I should record this observation. If you use a fireball
from Fire Mario within a Toad's House, it will appear green. Green
fireballs are trademark of Luigi, although Luigi used red fireballs in
this game. It's probably just a discoloring glitch, but it is
interesting nonetheless. Luigi first used green fireballs on the N64
in Super Smash Bros.

| Spade Panel |

Again, I will not normally cover this type of space, but I will for
World 1 because this is the first time you'll play it. A local Toad
will let you play a game to try to earn extra lives. He has this to

"Line up the pictures and get a prize! You only get one try."

Pictures of a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, and a Starman have been
trisected (cut into three equal parts), and they are now moving in a
horizontal slot machine manner. Your job? To make a complete picture,
of course! Press A to stop the top layer first. Then A for the middle
and then A for the bottom. If you have lined up a perfect picture of a
Mushroom, you get a 2UP. Fire Flowers earn you a 3UP, and Starmen earn
a 5UP. You know what to aim for.

Also, an N-Mark Spade Panel might appear. It's a Spade Panel with a
white N in the middle of the spade. If it does appear, Toad has this
to say:

"Flip over any two cards and see if they match. You can only miss

Just flip over cards and hope for matches. You get whatever you get to
match (that is, match two Fire Flower cards, you get a Fire Flower, and
so on). For details on always winning, please see "Toad's Houses &
Bonuses" in Section 3.

| World 1 Fortress #1 |

Throughout the Mushroom World, Bowser has set up fortresses to cut off
transportation in the region. Guarded by a fierce warrior, inside is a
key that can unlock a roadblock on the surface. Forts tend to be
fairly difficult, or at least in later worlds. Of course, it is very
easy this time around.

Proceed to the right and hop up the stairs. Do not just jump over the
lava here. Within it is a Podoboo, a living fireball. It will jump
upward and then descend back into the lava from which it came,
dangerous to the touch all the way (also, falling in the lava will
instantly kill you, just like pits). As it is falling, jump over the
pit. Repeat this for the next few gaps and you'll reach a ? Block. Be
sure to face right and hit it for a power-up. This time, assuming you
were big, it is a Fire Flower.

If you take it, you'll become Fire Mario. In this form, press B to
shoot a fireball forward. Fire is harmful to most enemies. Now jump
over the next few gaps to reach a hallway. Ahead are enemies called
Roto-Discs. They revolve around a fixed point (the orb), but they are
very easy to bypass in this fortress. Walk by when they are not in the
hallway and then go right to a lava pool. When the dual Podoboos are
both descending, jump the gap to another ledge. Here, jump when the
Roto-Disc is down.

You'll reach a ? Block by a Dry Bones, the skeletal remains of a Koopa
Troopa. If you hit the ? Block, you can get a Super Leaf. The Fire
Flower is actually better for defeating an enemy ahead; don't take the
leaf unless you are utilizing a certain secret in this fortress (see
"World 9" for details on this secret). Dry Bones cannot be permanently
destroyed in your current condition. If you jump on it, it will
crumple up into a pile of bones, but it will rise from the dead (well,
it's already dead, actually...) shortly afterward. In any case, go right
to a doorway. Press Up on the D-Pad to take it.

The ceiling, which is conveniently lined with spikes, is falling into
the floor. Walk forward so that you're under the alcove above and
stand there until the ceiling starts to rise. Jump over the next two
gaps and run right to the wall. Stand there to avoid being crushed.
Take the door when you can.

Mini-Boss: Boom-Boom

Go right to find... AAAAAAAAAHHH! It's a monster!!! Looking like a
turtle with flapping arms, a spiky back, and some sort of cloth over
its eyes as if it were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopa, it is truly
terrifying (the nightmares just don't stop...). Luckily, we can defeat
this beast quite easily. As it runs toward you, jump on its head.
Momentarily flattened, Boom-Boom flaunts its spikes before chasing you
again, this time faster than before. It might even jump across the
room to hit you (if you're far away enough). Jump on its head again
and it does the old spike pattern. This time, Boom-Boom is fast. It
makes me wonder what he's on... Jump on him one more time like last time
and the Magic Ball appears. You can also beat him with five fireballs
if you're Fire Mario. Grab the Magic Ball to complete the level. The
Locked Door on the map is now destroyed. Huzzah!
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:43:07

Level 60
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. πŸ˜‚

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:44:19

Level 63
what a headache!
- downvoted post by The Furious Logan
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Level 59
Dear Fizzer,

Can you get suspended for posting multiple off topic posts with little to no context? Or how about reporting people live on Twitch? Asking for a friend.

Your best bud,

Devon :)
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:49:23

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
I liek mudkipz, do yue?
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 02:57:28

Level 63
Mudkip, known in Japan as Mizugorou (γƒŸγ‚Ίγ‚΄γƒ­γ‚¦), is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Mudkip first appeared in the video games Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and subsequent sequels, later appearing in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated and printed adaptations of the franchise.

Known as the Mud Fish Pokémon, Mudkip first appeared in 2003 in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, as one of three starter Pokémon the player can choose from at the beginning of the games. Mudkip have appeared on the boxart for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, Pokémon Channel, and Pokémon Dash.

1 Concept and characteristics
2 Appearances
2.1 In video games
2.2 In anime
2.3 In manga
3 Reception
4 In popular culture
5 References
6 External links

Concept and characteristics

Mudkip, known as the Mud Fish Pokémon, are small blue Pokémon with a large fin on their head that allows them to sense movements within the air and water, acting as a radar.[1] While in the water, they use the orange, spiky gills on their cheeks to breathe while using their large tail fin to propel themselves.[2][3] They are extremely strong, despite their small bodies; they are able to lift or crush large boulders.[2][4] When sleeping, they bury themselves within the soil at the edge of the water.[4] Mudkip and members of its evolution family dwell in swamps or other wetlands, deep inside isolated islands, because of their dislike of fresh water lakes and ponds. According to The Illustrated Encyclopedia of North American Reptiles and Amphibians, Mudkip and its evolutions are based on salamanders,[5] although IGN has said that it was "like the real-life creature known as the mudskipper, which inspired both the monster’s design and its name".[6]
In video games

Mudkip first appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and its remake Pokémon Emerald. Mudkip is one of the three starting Pokémon that players may choose from including Treecko and Torchic. After gaining enough experience in battle, Mudkip evolves into Marshtomp, which will then evolve into Swampert. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Mudkip, along with Treecko and Torchic, can be obtained from the character Steven Stone after obtaining all 16 badges and beating the final boss, Red.

Outside of the main Pokémon titles, they appear in Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, Pokémon Trozei!, the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon titles, the Pokémon Ranger titles, Pokémon Channel, and PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure. Mudkip appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy that can be obtained through special means.[7]
In anime

In the Pokémon anime, Brock, a Pokémon breeder and former Gym leader, saves a Mudk
- downvoted post by The Furious Logan
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Level 63
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 03:01:27

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 03:02:01

Level 60
Oh? whats that Jebaited youre one follow away from 100? Jebaited but whats that? Jebaited you disrespect the japanese with your pronunciation of certain words? Jebaited unfollowed DansGame
chit chat post(warzonestuff): 8/20/2018 03:13:15

Level 58
Can someone post an image of a Teddiursa. I'm not a member.
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