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Galicia (Northwest Spain) map (need advices): 2/26/2014 18:57:33

Level 50
This is the map:
I think I have alredy finished the drawing and the borders, but I want you to tell me if the borders look good or I need to do it better.

I also want to ask about the "alternative" bonuses. I have the "Ancient Provinces" bonuses which have value 0 by default. My idea is to change the bonuses if you want to play the map with these alternative bonuses, turning the old ones to 0, but I'm not sure if the new colors will look good if you do that.

I am still working on details like add adjacent territories in the background and show the depth of the sea.
If you have any advice or critique, please, let me know.

I apologize for my far from perfect English, I will also appreciate any language correction.

Edited 2/26/2014 19:54:18
Galicia (Northwest Spain) map (need advices): 2/26/2014 19:45:16

Level 56
The borders look great and I don't think they need any extra work.
I also love maps where there are extra bonuses set to zero by default allowing the map to be more customizable.

Language corrections (you asked for it):
'make the deepness in the sea' would probably be better as 'show the depth of the sea' (but it could be argued either way).

Edited 2/26/2014 19:45:22
Galicia (Northwest Spain) map (need advices): 2/26/2014 20:03:02

Level 50
Thank you very much Green, I have changed the mistakes.

And I have realized a problem, when I set to 0 the actual bonuses and set other value to extra ones, the borders are the originals, so it looks a little bad. Is there any way to make it change? I suppose the answer is "no", but any advice will be welcome.

And I also want to ask about how to make test games, I am not sure how I can do it or if I can put my public (I know my map is quite strategicless and isnt a good map)
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