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Warzone ideas by EmoNoob: 8/13/2018 05:55:27

Level 58
-. publicity in other game pages
-. publicity in big youtube channel (100k subscribers)
-. anticheat
-. map limit 10,000k territories
-. hateboard
-. likes and dislikes in game´s chat
-. 10 simultaneous permanent open seats game advertised on the open games tab
-. option to hide flag
-. censored words
-. more publicity
-. teleport card
-. invisibility card
-. mark visible customizable points in each territory (for write where is your capital, interest points, etc.)
-. dont be an as*****
-. future new added cards dont need membership
-. invest in warzone
-. clan of the week
-. clan of the year

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Warzone ideas by EmoNoob: 8/13/2018 06:15:36

Level 58
Sorry for very good english level and special thanks to google translate
Warzone ideas by EmoNoob: 8/13/2018 06:30:05

Level 58
your english is good
Warzone ideas by EmoNoob: 8/13/2018 07:37:17

Level 62

  • What do you mean by “anticheat”?
  • Why do you need a map with 10k territories? The map would take a very long time to convert to a Warzone map file and to download the map when playing games.
  • There shouldn’t really be a “hate board”. BL and move on. Focus on the positive and ignore the negative.
  • If you want to hide where you’re playing from, use a VPN. Any site can get you IP and associate that with a country.
  • If you take offence to certain words or phrases, report the player.
  • Describe how you’d publicise Warzone. Players can advertise the game by sharing games on Facebook and making “let’s play“ videos on YouTube and or Twitch.
  • I don’t see the point of a teleport card when you could use the Airlift card.
  • Invisibility card sounds interesting. Describe how it should be configured.
  • What do you mean by “customizable points”? Use maps that have a bonus for each territory; these types of maps do exist.
  • If anything, new features should be member-only to encourage players to buy a membership.
  • Clan of the week would be too frequent; however, clan of the year would be better. Describe the criteria that makes a clan “good”.

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