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Film review no 1: Willie Dynamite (1974): 8/10/2018 20:12:11

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The tragic tale of New Yorks' number one pimp whose life is turned upside down by the po po, his competitors and a meddling social worker. Great film, great costume design especially, great theme song and its a film that hits a nigga like me right in the feels, y'know cuz the pimp struggle is some real shit. I know you bitch ass crackers out there don't know nuthin bout teh struggle but teh struggle b real out there mayne. This is a REAL movie unlike them bitch ass movies put out by Disney. This is a REAL story. The film is also just as much about the effect Willies' pimpin has on his hoes as it is about willie hisself, and one ho in particular gets a lot of screen time, Passion. Passion was saved from a bad home filled with roaches and junkies by Willie only to be turned around and sold like a piece of meat. Passion is disgusted by what she does but she tries to ''get past the first second'' of contact with the johns so that she can live the glamorous life she desires and which Willie has built up. I could go on but I don't wanna spoil anything.


I know it might have a silly exterior and it might seem too ''stupid'' for your snootier types and it might seem ''beneath'' you but if you watch the film as a human being and not some narcissistic faggoty robot you'll actually enjoy it. Gives ye a glimpse into the underworld of prostitution.

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Film review no 1: Willie Dynamite (1974): 8/10/2018 22:02:43

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