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Single player: Three Blind Mice: 8/10/2018 13:17:56

Level 20
Can't seem to get passed Three Blind Mice single player game. Tried about 8 or 9 times, varying tactics and strategies but, to no avail. Getting frustrated. Any advice out there? Let me know. Thanks
Single player: Three Blind Mice: 8/10/2018 20:42:01

Nate Kenobi
Level 41
I feel like that is the hurdle map where, to win, your game and skill has to have fundamentally changed through some subconscious trigger after hours of practice and understanding of the game. Good luck and keep at it!

That was my impression when I finally beat it years ago, anyway.
Single player: Three Blind Mice: 9/5/2018 16:11:49

Level 41
I just managed this after a long and hard battle, my general strategy was to expand down south to make the Lizard Tribe bonus and onto the island in the middle of the lake. Then focus on expanding north and round while you use that connection to lure the enemies to fight each other (I had the enemy from the north conquer the eat, and then I lured it down to fight the southern AI and slowly began to expand all around the circle clockwise.

One thing I found useful to keep in mind is to keep all your territories on the frontline stocked even when the front gets a bit chaotic, and make small attacks. The AI likes to ping everything it can reach with 1 or 2 units which caught me off guard a couple of times.
Single player: Three Blind Mice: 9/6/2018 16:36:10

The Joey
Level 59
This is a very difficult level, and I didn't beat it on my first try either. But I did end up getting the gold star after a couple attempts. Fight the enemy to the south first, then north, then the center. Don't fight them all at the same time, remember they fight each other too, so play off the whole 'enemy of my enemy thing.' I would expand both North and South until you hit your enemy, but I would just hold the island choke point and not really engage the eastern enemy until you are ready. Remembering that the Eastern enemy will have his hands full with the other two.

Focus on the Southern enemy at first (but don't neglect the Northern enemy, just keep his income in check and shift your focus after you have sufficiently crippled the south). You NEED a quick elimination, in the South or the North will end up overrunning you on income alone. When fighting the enemy I followed the pattern of 'cripple the income, then eliminate,' all the while keeping your eye out for the commander. One more tip for fighting the south (or really just a Warzone tip in general) have a large enough stack when you first encounter your enemy so that you can just 'roll right over them.' Otherwise you will expand too slowly, and will get creamed. Use these stacks to break the bonuses and roll through your enemies, then clean up and get your bonuses with smaller stacks.

I would also suggest you really put an effort into a strategic expansion. Especially in the North where you have large bonuses, that take many turns to complete. You should know about where your enemies will start, so you should know where you will first encounter them. Thus don't waste your income on trying to take each territory in a bonus, if you know that you will just hit your enemy in the last territory. Also, minimize the number of territories you are bordering, especially on bonuses where you are getting income. Small borders=Less territories to defend =bigger stacks and an easier defense.

1 final note. On games like this having enough delay moves to guarantee that every attack you want to hit last, hits last is huge. Unless you need to hit first (like you are going for an elimination or protecting some income), always delay enough to hit last.... Hopefully this all makes sense to you. Good luck.

Edited 9/6/2018 16:44:59
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