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Settings window: 2/27/2012 19:15:56

Level 60
Any chance that window can have a scroll bar? It can be pretty difficult to read all the settings on a map/game all on a smaller display like a laptop. You have to drag the window up as far as you can and sometimes it doesn't fit. Also, is it possible to bold all items that have been changed from the default so you don't miss them?

Settings window: 2/27/2012 22:11:00

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
If you have a request or suggestion for the game you can email Fizzer or add it to UserVoice.
Settings window: 2/28/2012 06:51:13

Level 44
Chris, define default.
Settings window: 2/28/2012 16:58:57

Level 60
Well, the default would be if you just hit "next" at the bottom of the screen after selecting the map (and did not alter anything in the 5 categories). These are the defaults after selecting custom map and choosing the map itself (by tab):

No teams
Normal Fog
No multi-attack
Surrender by all players, all AI boxes unchecked

Automatic Distribution, warlords, 4 territories with 5 on each, 2 on neutral

5 armies per turn, no extra for more territories, no cap, map default bonuses

3 piece reinforcement card with weight of 1, no other cards, 3 card max with 1 piece per turn. Cards hidden

Open seats blank

That is what I'd consider "default" settings. I'd like to see anything altered in bold if that is possible.
Settings window: 2/28/2012 17:15:21

Level 46
|> Automatic Distribution, warlords, 4 territories with 5 on each, 2 on neutral

The default distribution mode depends on the map you're playing on.
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