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Lol.. how did I win this game?: 2/26/2012 22:54:15

Level 3
I'm not normally the one to post a game.. but I thought this one might be worth sharing.. sure didn't think I could win :p regardless.. a very interesting game.. with the random start choices the most interesting lol

Lol.. how did I win this game?: 2/27/2012 17:01:23

Level 53
u troleed most of it then had some truce when 3 pople left then u got there land fought back against thomas and won thomas could have won if he played it right
Lol.. how did I win this game?: 2/29/2012 06:02:24

Level 6
Because Thomas59 played horrendously near the end, and many people got booted. If green wasn't booted (yellow was dead any way), you would have easily lost. If blue wasn't booted either, the chances may have been better, but you were on the losing edge.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3