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destroy muslims countries map: 7/13/2018 20:15:34

youb youssefi
Level 52
I want to make a map where atheists fight muslims
and put the atheist country like CHINA and Russia in the same team fighting the muslim countries
Of course i will join the atheist team
but I don't know how to make this game sinario ,
can you help me ?
destroy muslims countries map: 7/13/2018 20:38:03

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
destroy muslims countries map: 7/15/2018 15:08:11

Level 56
You should make a custom scenario, it's way easier than making a new map. (also Russia is far from atheist)

Edited 7/15/2018 15:08:24
destroy muslims countries map: 7/20/2018 23:15:47

Saddle Brown
Level 17
youb is suspended
but thx for help
i will give him the me map if he come back
Posts 1 - 4 of 4