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Community Levels Creator Helper: 7/12/2018 15:46:55

Level 63
Install link: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/370158-community-levels-creator-helper.
Before this is installed, Tampermonkey (https://tampermonkey.net) to be installed.


  • Copy and paste level details
  • Adds hotkeys for slot selection
  • Automatically guessing which slot you want to edit the details of (e.g if A first, B next)
  • Adds 's' hotkey to access settings
  • Adds 'k' hotkey to run copy and paste level details
  • Adds 'r' hotkey to retry publishing a community level. Ideally, the Retry button should do this; currently it reloads the page
  • Adds 'n' hotkey to create a new community level
  • Allows custom hotkeys to be created
  • All hotkeys can be customised

When UJS fully supports singleplayer and templates:

  • Covert single player templates to community levels
  • Override default map when creating a new community level

Types of custom hotkeys:
Go to a page: go to <url>
url is any location on the internet
go to https://www.warzone.com
go to https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer/MyLevels

Run JavaScript: JS<whitespace character><your JS code here>
whitespace character is any whitespace character (such as a new line or space)
your JS code here is the code you want to run
Note: jQuery is directly accessible by using $ and some Community Levels Creator Helper (clch) functions are also accessible using clch.
JS location.reload();
JS console.log(clch.tmp.hotkeyName);

Edited 7/12/2018 15:49:05
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