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Custom Map Size Too Small: 6/26/2018 08:31:33

The Trap Master
Level 24
I created a map size of 2400x2400 on inkscape but when i uploaded it finished all the connections etc. It was really small during testing like the territory numbers cover most of the map.
Was wondering why and if so a solution to the problem.
Custom Map Size Too Small: 6/26/2018 10:16:30

Level 56

It's hard to tell without seeing the map (could you give us the link?), but let's check two things first:

- Are the territories at least 20x20 in the Inkscape file?
- In Inkscape, if you go to File->Document Properties, in the upper right corner, is "Display Units" set to "px"? Right next to "custom size", is "Units" set to "px"?
Custom Map Size Too Small: 6/26/2018 21:38:07

The Furious Logan
Level 27
yea that happened to me once
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