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Help with crazy challenge 2?: 2/23/2012 17:15:11

Captain Pain
Level 4
Im kinda new to this game, been playing for two days. anywho, ive come across a dilemna on thesecond challenge level. For the past three tries ive started in africa,and Ive ripped through that continent easy enough.each time ive been able to dominate antarctica and south america too, and Ive comeclose to taking europe, austalia, and the middle east. It seems when Im about halfway through with taking europe and the middle east the Ai's all mass produce a rediculous amount of troops and Im totally destroyed.

Does anyone have any tips or strategies for that? Should I cut back on the amount of battlefronts Im fighing? Should i try a new region to start in?

Ive tried norway and india; with both of those I get their bonus' , and a little more then halfway through their surrounding bonus', then the Ai's start a seige and it turns into a war of attrition until I get wiped out.
Help with crazy challenge 2?: 2/23/2012 17:47:43

Level 59
Africa's a fine starting point. The bonuses are good, and easy to take. (3:5 or 4:5)
Plus, it's easily defended once you have all of it. (Only 4 entry points)

I actually don't recommend taking S.America and Antarctica due to their bad Bonus/Territory ratio.
(S. America - 4:8, Ant. - 4:7)
Focus most of your attention on Asia/Europe after taking Africa, since there's a lot of bonuses there. Plus, there are better bonuses per territory in those areas. (Europe - 6:9, Middle East - 4:6)

Some other helpful hints...

- Try to focus on both teams equally. If you solely focus on one, the other will destroy you.
- Since they're on teams, they share cards. While you get one card piece per turn, they will get 3. This will lead to them having a card almost every turn.
- Breaking an enemy's bonus may be as good as dominating one. In order to get a bonus, one must hold all the territories, so if you hold one, you'll deny the enemy some income.
- Asia is big, and holds some of the best bonus ratios. (4:4, 4:5, 6:6, 6:7) Hence, it's better if you attempt to enter that fray early, just to make sure one enemy team doesn't grab it all.
- Oh, and, good luck. Sometimes, it'll be harder/impossible to win because of unlucky starting spots, whether it be yours or the opponent's.
Help with crazy challenge 2?: 2/23/2012 21:58:24

Captain Pain
Level 4
Thanks a bunch. Im just gonna spend a bunch of practice games refining my ability to kick butt at this game.
Help with crazy challenge 2?: 2/23/2012 22:22:01

Level 60
Axtually I'd disagree with Bakapon. It took me a few tries to get a gold start and I think 2 strategies are the most effective, but the first is very risky i think and requires a lot of skill:

1) Asia start with enemies nearby:

That may seem like an insane strategy, but with proper prediction and good income management you can use your enemies to your advantage. If you predict right you can expand v. fast and when you clash with your enemy, just take his undefended bonuses (AI prefers neutrals). Again, that requires a v. good know-how about the AI movement.

2) Central america start:

If you get lucky, all of the AI's are in Eurasia zone, thus you'll be able to take whole North America while taking Africa. The fact is that this starter is better than Africa since you can easily raid Asia later. Also Antarctica is valuable for its access/blockade of Australia.

I got my result the first time I was able to perform 2nd strategy effectively.
Help with crazy challenge 2?: 2/24/2012 00:39:11

Level 4
you won't get good by beating that challenge. Alot of it is luck and it is potentially impossible if enemies start in certain spots.

Play the 1v1 or 2v2 auto games, or 3v3 europe games to get better.
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