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Question on card weight: 4/1/2010 02:45:05

Level 38
I am a little confused on what card weight means...
...initially I thought this would influence the probability to get a (part of a) card of this type - but it seems I am wrong there.
Instead it could mean how the card counts regarding the maximum number of cards a player can hold before having to play on. Can anyone confirm this?
Question on card weight: 4/1/2010 06:16:24

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Hi snapsi,

Your initial assumption was correct. The best place to find this information is to look at the "Help" tab in the top right corner.


Card Weights

When a game has multiple types of cards included, game creators can control how common each type is by defining different weights.

Weights are relative to eachother. That is, if all cards have the same weight, they will be equally likely. If a card's weight is double that of another card, that card will show up twice as often as the other.

If a weight is not listed next to a card on the settings panel, it is assumed to be the default of 1.

A card with a weight of 0 will never be randomly awarded and can only be acquired via minimums.
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