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Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 05:52:07

Level 55
[BMS] is looking for hundreds of new members. I am the leader of the this clan. This makes me all-powerful, or, at the very least, it gives me a pretty good psychological boost.

Rules to Initial Membership:

- First, add [BMS] to your name. There are no restrictions to initial membership. All REGL members who lose more than 50% of their games are honorary members.
- Second, [BMS] should not be confused with BMW or PMS. If you confuse us with them, henchmen will be sent to deal with you.
- Third, use the photo of our [Great Leader](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Jeffs) as your image.
- Fourth, go back and reread Rule 2 and Rule 3, but read Rule 3 second and Rule 2 third.
- Fifth, upon initiation you will learn that [BMS] is an autonomous secret society. Our rules, rituals and laws should not be disclosed to outsiders. Fail to follow this rule and, most assuredly, henchmen will be sent to deal with you.
- Sixth, our clan has two levels: [BMS], your level; and [AM], my level.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 05:58:13

Level 14
I haven't really gotten involved with the Warlight community at this point. What does it joining a clan entail?

To be honest, I would be more than willing to join if it meant a few games against you. Or indeed, anyone who I could learn from while playing. :)
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 06:02:41

[BMS] Jack The Stripper
Level 2
Cool. I just joined Warlight today. I'm in! But I don't want to add that man's picture as my image. That's creepy.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 06:14:50

Level 55
Ok, I'm willing to help any [BMS]s in a game.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 06:32:31

Level 14
I'm going to have to take you up on that.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 07:02:44

Level 60
OMG, that thread is such a total win, lol :)
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 07:21:24

Level 54
ohhh my ... lol
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 07:31:18

Level 54
do you have ranks? I would join if your clan, if it has ranks, that give me authority over others. You should make ranks like the US Army, or US Marine Corps or something equally cool. I would join if I can start with at least 2nd leutnant or warrant officer. I would also add the picture if i can start as second in command, I would report only to you, okay?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 07:35:50

Level 55
Myhand, you can't join this clan. You would have to join [AM].
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 07:47:53

BishesUpInErr (AHoL)
Level 4
This actually made me laugh

I would join but my girlfriend has already made me join [PMS] so I must decline.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 08:33:44

Level 14
Being a BMS was easily one of the best things to happen to me on Warlight. Gui gave me some great advice and training for the 1 v 1 format. For anyone who wants to learn from a pro, it's pretty clear what you should do.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 09:41:27

Level 55
In accordance with [AM] myhandisonfire's suggestion, we will have ranks. And since that guy a while back with the Japanese ranks was so cool, we will use the hierarchy of the classical Chinese world as our ranks, with a Maoist term as the lowest rank and James Bond numbers (because that is super cool too).

007 β王 β King
006 β公 β Duke
005 β贵 β Aristocrat
004 β士 β Scholar
003 β农 β Farmer
002 β工 β Worker
001 β商 β Merchant
000 β走狗 β Running-Dog

Members can all pick their rank, since the ranks are all amazing and you know your β男人 life better than I do.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 10:19:06

Level 44
does this make people named duke instantly dukes?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 10:24:54

Level 55
Yes, they are honorary members too. And the dozen or so 007 players out there are also honorary members.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 10:25:37

Level 55
The same goes for anyone with the name Farmer.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 11:05:56

Level 56
I like to play warlight whilst wearing the wifes' underwear, would this disqualify me?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 13:12:27

Level 55
No, Mike, that actually qualifies you! Welcome aboard!
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 13:41:33

The Duke of Ben 
Level 55
Sweet, honorary member of good rank. Does that mean you will give me advice in our Ladder game Gui?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 13:46:06

Level 3
As a BMS, it is your nature to give way, so just surrender right now and call it a game.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 14:48:24

Level 56
Awesome, I loose 100% of my games, and I'm a member of [REGL]. I can't tell you how honored I am to be a part of your clan, I feel so loved. You know what we need in these forums though? More threads about how much a select few people (about 4 from what I've seen) despise clans and anyone who's a part of them. That would get more people interested in the game, more people reading the forums, not be a waste of anyone's time, and also have a positive effect on the Warlight community as a whole!
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 14:51:19

Level 50
We can't verify your winning percentage because you hid your stats :)

And what do BMS and AM stand for?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 14:58:06

[WM] Artham 
Level 37
I just found out what [BMS] stands for! Will henchmen be sent out to pound me for revealing your secrets? :P

Acronym Definition
BMS Building Management System
BMS Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (pharmaceuticals and healthcare products)
BMS Bristol Motor Speedway
BMS Biomedical Sciences
BMS Battery Management System (rechargeable battery technology)
BMS Bayer MaterialScience
BMS Bare Metal Stent
BMS British Menopause Society
BMS Business Management System
BMS Basic Mapping Support
BMS Business Management Software
BMS Bridge Management System
BMS Brown Medical School (Providence, RI)
BMS Bachelor of Management Studies
BMS British Mycological Society
BMS Burner Management System
BMS Baptist Missionary Society
BMS Battle Management System
BMS Be More Specific
BMS Battlefield Management System
BMS Bone Marrow Suppression
BMS Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique (French: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology; journal)
BMS Brevet de Maitrise Supérieur (French professional certification)
BMS Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.
BMS Bureau of Medical Services
BMS Baltimore Medical System (Maryland)
BMS Baby-Making Sex (pregnancy/fertility)
BMS Base Management System
BMS Bureau of Mediation Services
BMS Belgian Mathematical Society
BMS Business Marketing Services
BMS Berry Middle School (Alabama)
BMS Broadcast Message Server
BMS Boiler Management System
BMS Boeing Material Specification
BMS Business Message Standard
BMS Balanced Magnetic Switch
BMS Bernd-Michael Schroeder (BMS Sailing Wear GmbH)
BMS Bachelor of Medical Science
BMS Broker Management System
BMS Bombardment Squadron
BMS Bianchi Motor Sport (France)
BMS Billing Management System
BMS Biblioteka Matice Srpske (Novi Sad, Srbija library)
BMS Business Management Society
BMS Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
BMS Ballistic Missile Submarine
BMS By My Self
BMS Basic Mapping Services
BMS Berlekamp-Massey-Sakata (algorithm)
BMS Bryson Middle School (South Carolina)
BMS Bachelor of Marine Science
BMS Bowne Management Systems, Inc.
BMS Baudrand Machines Spécialisées (French specialized machine company)
BMS Building Mechanical Services
BMS Belzer Middle School (Indiana)
BMS Business Mailer Support (USPS)
BMS Bright Mild Steel
BMS Béton Matériel Service (French: Concrete Equipment Service)
BMS Bair Middle School (Florida)
BMS Breizh Micro Services (French computer repair company)
BMS Brooklawn Middle School (Parsippany, NJ)
BMS Background Measurement Satellite
BMS Bradley Middle School
BMS Bureau Multi Services (French office supply company)
BMS Brennan Middle School (Massachusetts)
BMS Biologie, Médecine, Santé (French: Biology, Medicine, Health)
BMS Burnaby Multicultural Society (British Columbia, Canada)
BMS Basic Minimum Service
BMS Battalion Motor Sergeant
BMS Broadcast Message System
BMS Broadcast Microwave System
BMS Bachelor of Mortuary Science
BMS Bachelor of Marketing Science
BMS Broadband Management Services
BMS British Medical Society
BMS Bandwidth Management Service
BMS Bad Movie Syndrome
BMS Battery Main Switch
BMS BIDDS Management Subsystem
BMS Boutique de la Menuiserie et du Store (French carpentry shop)
BMS Brannon Masculinity Scale (behavioral science)
BMS Bohumukhi Milon Shangha (Bangladesh)
BMS Burden of Mood Symptoms
BMS Burners Management System
BMS Bangladesh Mahila Samity
BMS Ballistic Missile Support
BMS Bill Mail Service
BMS British Mexican Society (London, England)
BMS Bailey's Moving & Storage (Colorado and Utah)
BMS Bit Magnitude Stream
BMS Balanced Measures System
BMS Harry Flood Byrd Middle School (Richmond, Virginia)
BMS Banyan Mail Services
BMS Burst Mode Synchronization (Symmetricom)
BMS Bureau of Muslim Settlements
BMS Binary-Input Memoryless Symmetric Channel
BMS Bangladesh Mahila Society
BMS Battalion Maintenance Supervisor
BMS Beef Marbling Scale
BMS Boundary Multicultural Society (British Columbia, Canada)
BMS Breed Middle School (Lynn, MA)
BMS Brigade Medical Station (Canadian Armed Forces)
BMS Batch Management System
BMS Background Music System (software)
BMS Bulletin of Materials Science (India)
BMS Barrington Middle School (Barrington, RI)
BMS Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (Bangladeshi trade union)
BMS Budget Management Services (various locations)
BMS Biological and Molecular Sciences (UK)
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 16:01:54

Level 56
I think Beef Marbling Scale is on target.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 16:08:30

Level 55
REGL, you were made an honorary member of BMS, not PMS. Please remember that.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 16:09:40

Level 55
Artham, none of those are our secret name.
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 16:41:33

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
Is it "Butt Munching Superheros"?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 17:00:33

Level 2
Kings are like jade plates, dukes are public, aristocrats are expensive, scholars are like warriors, farmers wear clothes, workers...work, merchants negotiate, and a running dog is a running dog. It would be so hard to choose.
But I think I want to part of this clan ;]. I do love me some zhongwen. And anybody who can shuo it is xing by me.
How do I know what my level is though?
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 17:28:25

Level 54
you would know if you`d followed the recent warlight forum discussions
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 17:39:18

Level 55
Right on Gui. the dozen or so 007 players out there are also honorary members? that is totally bad-ass man. I am so.....super.....stoked.

however in accordance with my super secret-agent facade, i will not be adding any tags to my name, will never attend any clan meetings, pay any clan dues, talk about the clan to anyone.....EVER..... or publicly acknowledge the existence of the clan ever again.

(still soooo secretly stoked though......)
Announcing: [BMS] Clan Recruitment!: 2/21/2012 18:17:00

Level 53
i have missed a lot of threads also if i wanted couldn't need to wait more days before i can change my name
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