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Can't seem to agree to a draw.: 2/20/2012 19:00:13

Level 55
In http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=2103298 we seem to have reached an impasse. Neither of us can see a way to get any lasting advantage. So we'd like to agree to a draw. But the Players->Vote to End Game button seems to be disabled. Any advice?
Can't seem to agree to a draw.: 2/20/2012 19:01:24

Rainbow Dash (Kurtis)
Level 10
You can't vote to end tourney games
Can't seem to agree to a draw.: 2/20/2012 19:22:13

Level 58
youre 6 armies up on him, go for it.
Can't seem to agree to a draw.: 2/20/2012 19:25:55

Level 34
I would attack the center, then next turn start using gift cards, then from there the game wont be in a stalemate anymore.
Can't seem to agree to a draw.: 2/20/2012 19:41:39

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
You really missed the point of these games. its all about taking territories to get the gift cards. then stategically using them to reduce your opponant to zero income.

that way you can build and then take him out. its going to be tough now you both have so much armies but still do able
Can't seem to agree to a draw.: 2/20/2012 21:11:53

Level 46
Also, try to let your opponent run into your big stack "accidentally".

Remember, you have to take a territory to get a card, so he needs to move. Let's look at turn 73, where Bridgemen has most the board, with your stack at square 8 (numpad-location) and his stack on square 6. Let's say he's guessing you're going to take square 5. He could move there, and try to block your way. That is dangerous however, since he doesn't know for sure if he'll move before you do. *But*, under the advanced options, he could give a "transfer only" order! If you move before he does, his (now suicide) move never takes place. If you move after him, he has a 70% kill rate, versus your 60%.

Also, there's no rule that says you have to keep your stack together. You can do a 2-army attack (or even a 1-army attack); even if it fails, it still counts as a turn. If he only ever moves his whole stack, he can only make a single move per turn, meaning the (probable) sacrifice of a single army has the same effect as playing an Order Delay card! (BTW, capturing a territory with two armies (if memory serves, 2 vs 1 attacks are guaranteed wins under 12% luck) still counts as capturing a territory and still awards you a card.)
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