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AI not working: 5/28/2018 10:12:19

Ionut Stefan
Level 8
Hy. I'm trying to play with some friends and the AI is not taking turns. Yesterday was working just fine. Any help?
AI not working: 5/29/2018 18:59:08

Level 63
Help -> Contact -> Report Bug page

When Report Bug page loaded:
Select where you were playing Warzone/WarLight
Describe bug. Include URL of game you're experiencing this issue and screenshot that game
AI not working: 6/9/2018 02:10:50

Level 2
I have the same problem.
AI's stopped making a move in all Multi-player games.
I've tried several times with a friend. But no luck.
I'll report the bug...
AI not working: 6/9/2018 02:42:19

Level 63

Warzone Creator
I'm really sorry about that. There was a problem with the AI server. I have fixed it now, and I'm taking steps to ensure it can't happen again.

The AIs should have moved now. Please let me know if you see it happen again.
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