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Map still pending Public: 2/20/2012 18:49:01

Level 18
Dear Fizzer,
It said that it would take twenty-four hours and it's been two days. I have read other threads and you said that you have sent the email to those map makers so if you did send me an email could you resend it

Signed, Nate

P.S. So far i have three maps pending public
Map still pending Public: 2/21/2012 02:29:47

Level 16
If he doesn't accept it, it's probably for a decent reason. I would send him it, but if he didn't respond within 3 days, I suspected that it was not his fault but my carelessness and that the map itself needed some work. Revise your map, make sure there are no missing connections, and then ask for it to go public again. Possibly respectfully email him with any questions. (fizzer@warlight.net)
Map still pending Public: 2/21/2012 06:23:27

[BMS] Jack The Stripper
Level 2
I have a tattoo of a map that I make public every night!

By the way, I'm new to this site. Should I play single-player first or multi-player?
Map still pending Public: 2/21/2012 10:06:13

Level 50
First Single-player, these levels teach you the basics so you won't have to annoy others in multiplayer games because you don't know how it's played.
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