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New Map: 2/17/2012 14:43:33

Donald J. Trump 
Level 43
I just finished preliminary design on my new map (http://warlight.net/SinglePlayer.aspx?PreviewMap=10394) And I would appreciate all kinds of feedback

New Map: 2/17/2012 15:08:25

The One
Level 28
Could you fix the link? Its not a "link", just text. Or I cant see the map.
New Map: 2/17/2012 15:14:29

Level 56
...not sure what you're talking about, I copied and pasted it and it worked fine....

As to the map, I love the Inheritance series, but some of your territories are oddly shaped/scaled. for one Vroengard should be bigger. Over all it looks ok, but the territory lines and such are not very uniform, and so the borders don't look right. I also disagree with your choice of bonuses, but I guess that's just opinion.
New Map: 2/17/2012 15:39:10

Level 50
So 4 people were making the same map at the same time without knowing from each other?
New Map: 2/17/2012 15:42:44

Level 3
what "The REAL warlord!!!" (I think) means is it isn't a hyperlink which u click on.
New Map: 2/17/2012 20:43:53

Ser Andrei of Nín
Level 16
What moros says.
Although there's probably some work put into this, I allready know this map, and I haven't even readthebook/seenthemovie/evenheardaboutit: There simply have been others posted.

New Map: 2/17/2012 20:59:18

Level 50
You must read the books, but never watch the movie, the movie sucks :(
New Map: 2/17/2012 21:00:20

Level 53
moros well people will have more choice of which one to play
New Map: 2/18/2012 02:09:40

[L.N.] Jeffwillbe5time(NASCAR)
Level 37
i dont know.... mabye make it a little more like a map of ALAGAESIA
New Map: 2/18/2012 17:00:39

Level 5
@Vermin Supreme
nice map, but i think you have change some things on the design.
have you already read the map making page on warlight wiki?
especially this [http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Inkscape_tips](http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Inkscape_tips) has helped me a lot!^^

btw, i think it's no problem that there are so many alagaesia maps.
there are a lot of earth maps too, but every map is a bit different... so it's no problem :)
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