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Tournaments: 4/25/2018 20:55:53

m7 - Caesar of 7th Legion
Level 64
Hey, sometimes a tournament with teams is created on date xx.xx.xxxx. the moment players filled the last open seats it is often a fact that lots players who joined are not active anymore.

in teamgames it could be a big problem. more than in 1vs1 or ffa games

so i hope it will be possible in near future to allow a player who joined a team in a tournament to reserve seats (not only in chat) or that players who are not active for a number of day for example 3 times the boottime of the tournament except player is on vacation
Tournaments: 4/25/2018 21:15:48

Level 61
Yeah, I agree it would be nice to be able to reserve teams.

Also the tournament creator can add open seat requirements, so they can put a max boot rate. Though that probably only helps so much, if someone goes inactive in a multi-month tournament.
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