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LEVELS: 2/17/2012 00:46:37

Yaxvi {WorldWarDominace}
Level 3
How about levels???
. We can know how good is our opponent
. Maybe level restrictions to make game fair for others
. For Clans for exzample Only level 30+ can i join our clans.
I amnt 100% behind this but im justp posting this on so everyone can just think about it. I say Fizzer has looked on it and said no but others might have'nt and would agree with it. Thank you all who looked at this thread.
LEVELS: 2/17/2012 03:28:59

Level 58
you already have prerequisites for games played, date joined, and statistics with %s of games won. it would take a lot of thought to turn those and other factors into 'levels', and they are easily available for you to see now.
LEVELS: 2/17/2012 04:01:58

Level 5
I sincerely doubt it wouldn't instead cloud our judgement. Every player is different, but every player is also different in every single game. If you want to see his general skills, look over some of his games (if you are able to). If that's not possible, treat him like any other player. You'll want to perform your very best any way. If you're up against several players, treat them all equally the same. Throughout each game, you'll see what you're up against and their playstyle. Change accordingly.

Level is only going to make you think "oh, that guy is better, so I should focus on him", which means you're better off starting a new account every few months to not be focused on.
LEVELS: 2/17/2012 07:08:45

Level 44
something like levels or generic rating, Is one of the reasons I came -to- this game to avoid..
for much the reason Darkruler points out..

countless times in a risk clone I used to play, I would join with 2600 rating, which is really only a show of how many games you play, since a 55% win rate will steadily increase rating.. and then a whole bunch of relative noobs would attack me instantly just because of it.. it takes the fun out of the game, unless your the noob that goes *awesome, 5v1, that guy couldn't take us!* Imho of course..

I think that a leveling system for activity could be intriguing however, like many forums have individually.
LEVELS: 2/17/2012 14:12:08

Level 53
one question how will the levels be determined also i am against levels
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