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Pirate Mafia Game Sign Ups: 4/19/2018 10:52:34

Level 58
Hi, sign up here for the warzone mafia game i will be running, i will start a new thread for the game later. We need 15 players to sign up so first 15 are in unless i step in and disqualify someone because of reasons like obvious troll. The game rules are that the day lasts for 72 hours max and night lasts for 48 hours max. If all orders are submitted before the day/night is up then it will switch to night/day. All secret orders are submitted to me in mail under the title of mafia. Lynching votes are submitted in the thread. If possible please talk in the thread for all things relating to mafia. Talking in private is highly discouraged but as there is no way to monitor this i cant punish you, however, if you are caught somehow, then you will be banned from any further games i run. If you do have conversations outside of the forums, please provide logs

The game will be run in the setting of a pirate boat, in which the pirates are the good guys and the navy infiltrators are the bad guys and there are also some neutral players with their own goals

Thanks all

Edited 4/19/2018 10:56:31
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