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Re-Finding maps on iOS: 3/29/2018 09:53:22

Level 60
I play on an iPad and the app often restarts when re-opening the game, even when selecting from the running apps, and it can be hard to find the map I was playing. When I do find it and click to play it, it offers to return to the game I was playing or start a new one. That’s great, but if I can’t find the map I was playing, I’m hosed. Maybe I selected the map from new maps, or most liked. How many pages down the list was it? No idea. How the heck do I find the map I was playing? I took to making screenshots of the map I’m playing so I at least can remember the title, but with no search option if I can’t find it by scrolling through the list I’m just out of luck. How do I find my current game?

No search menu?
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