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March of our Iron Will: 3/26/2018 04:23:01

Level 8
The Great Felinian Armed Forces,
it is time to march against the enemy!
Our Great Cat Guards and Stormtroopers,
we must eradicate the entire enemy!

Don't spare any dog,
male or female,
old or young.
By being a canine any dog has signed its own death warrant!
While all cats are innocent by our Felinian Criminal Code,
all dogs are by definition condemned to death by our Feline Species Preservation Act of 2205.

Mercy and fraternization are dishonorable,
while cruelty and mercilessness towards canines are our greatest Feline virtues!

Kill every single dog!
Don't spare anyone, not even those that surrender to you.

The Land of Canines will be no more and the Land of Felines will be enlarged.

May Planet Khatulburg be perpetually Feline.
May Planet Khatulburg be filled with cats!

This is our joy over the extinction of canines!

Edited 3/26/2018 04:28:05
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