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Flow: 2/12/2012 21:54:53

Level 49
Just musing on what I've noticed in my win/loss ratio...

There are times when I can't win for losing...

and other times, when I can't be stopped...

Recognizing this, when I see that I am losing 'easy' games...I just stop and come back later..

anyone else recognize this type of "flow"?

Flow: 2/12/2012 23:59:12

Level 6
Oh yes.
Flow: 2/13/2012 00:06:38

Level 44
my flow is..
I do decent to poor my first 200 games..
I do good-great my next 300 games
I do mediocre my next 3000 games..

game numbers are sometimes modified but keep to the same pattern.. and this applies to everything, not just warlight..
Flow: 2/13/2012 07:05:29

Level 7
I can usually always pinpoint the cause of my surrender. Since I'm basically only playing multi-day, there are no hasty mistakes and it's all left to miscalculations in games with little players/teams or just not having the right truces in bigger FFAs. I don't really feel a change of pace. I find myself to be pretty decent at decision-making, but pretty awful at truces. I tend to win balanced games 1v1 against mediocre players, and tend to lose the bigger the amount of players. That pretty much is the flow of my entire Warlight "career".
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