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Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/10/2018 05:32:34

Level 58
I have laptop with "Integrated Intel Graphic Card". I cannot run OBS (GPU unsupported). For those with same problem, I present you a solution !

Xsplit is a software that is a good as Fraps. It can record any games, the desktop and browsers. It has also option to stream to Twitch and Youtube. This is why it is one of most used streaming software.

The free version limits some of the stuff. I believe that you are unable to use high resolution and change codecs.

Historically, Fraps could record Chrome and Firefox but with the new browsers updates, it doesn't work anymore. There are some manual fixes to this. However, it is very long and complicated.

I will write a guide on how to use Xsplit. I will cover all the options and configurations.

You may reply if you are interested.

Info from XSplit website copy-pasted

Minimum Specifications

Windows 7 SP3, Windows 8 and 10
.NET Framework 4.0
DirectX 10.1 or better
Internet Explorer 10
Adobe Flash Player for IE

For HD 720p Recording/Streaming: 4th Generation Core i5 or equivalent
For HD 1080p Recording/Streaming: 4th Generation Core i7 or equivalent
Memory: 8GB
Graphics Card : GeForce/Radeon Class (DirectX 10.1 compatible or better)

Can I use XSplit Broadcaster for free?
Yes. You can use XSplit Broadcaster for free but there will be some restrictions as well as missing features.

XSplit Broadcaster with a Free License:

Content will be watermarked when you a higher resolution than 720p and/or a higher framerate than 30 fps
Content cannot be used for commercial purposes
Presentations limited to a maximum of 4 scenes
No simultaneous broadcasting to multiple streaming platforms
Watermarked Virtual Camera feature
No access to the following features: Audio Source, Local Streaming, Stream Delay, Source Transitions, Projector, Preview Editor, Audio Mix Preview, Skype Video Camera and the Express Video Editor

Standard screen resolutions :

YouTube on desktop uses a 16:9 aspect ratio player. The player automatically adds black bars to videos so that they are displayed correctly without cropping or stretching.

Recommended resolution & aspect ratios
To fit the player perfectly, encode at these resolutions:

2160p: 3840x2160
1440p: 2560x1440
1080p: 1920x1080
720p: 1280x720
480p: 854x480
360p: 640x360
240p: 426x240

My full screen desktop is 1366x768. It displays totally fine on Youtube. If you capture "Area" of your screen, you may end with weird resolution that will be badly compressed.
If you are capturing an "Area" then you should probably use a resolution that makes sense or a standard resolution.

Full screen recording will always be properly compressed because it is standard.

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Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/10/2018 07:48:05

Level 62
Which platforms are supported?
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Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/10/2018 16:21:48

Level 58
Well. I do not seem to spec with processor and the graphic card. I record things fine with FRAPS. I don't think you exactly need to meet these specs. It is more of a suggestion.

The platform is sadly Windows only.

I will try to see how you record properly then I make a basic tutorial.
Xsplit should also support Twitch. I guess it is second tutorial.

P.S. : PM me if you like the guide so far.

Installation :

1. Download Xsplit Broadcaster.
2. Install the program.
3. Register with your e-mail.
4. Open the activation link sent to you.
5. Wait for the Xsplit to initialize.

Record :

1. Click the continue to access the application.
2. Make the window max size or larger.
3. Go to top right. Use the drop-down menu.
4. Set the resolution to 1280x720. Anything higher will add a watermark.
5. Set the frame rate.

6. Click on the Help and read the Latest News. It will get rid of flashing icon.
7. Go to tools and update your extensions. Xsplit already comes with few.

8. Open the Gears icon in the Scene menu. It opens "Settings.
You can make hotkeys and other stuff.

Viewport :

1. Make a large windowed window for Xsplit.
You will be able to see both the preview screen
and the thing you are recording.

2. Go to desktop.
3. Add source "Screen capture".
4. Pick the area you want to capture.
5. Right click on scene to access properties.

6. Click on sticky. This will make so the window won't disappear.
7. Go to Desktop Capture.

8. If your Desktop Capture is exactly 1280x720 then it will fit into your viewport.


Solution #1 : Fit Desktop Capture to Resolution

1. Fiddle with the numbers to make it fit perfectly.

Solution #2 : Stretch Desktop Capture

1. Go to Layout.
2. Uncheck "Keep Aspect Ratio".
3, Drag the small window inside your big window.
4. Make fit the small window with the viewport.

5. If you don't like drag, you can adjust with the numbers
in the cropping section.

Solution #3 : Fit Resolution to Desktop Capture

1. Go to resolution menu.
2. Select custom resolution.
3. Fit your resolution/viewport
with the capture zone.

Note : The recording will work best with the pre-set values (resolution).
           If you set to custom, it will not show up as custom on Twitch
           and Youtube. The resolution conversion may downgrade
           the quality a little bit.

Scenes :

When you add sources, it goes to a scene. All the sources are very straightforward. The name gives you a good clue at what it does.

1. Click "Add source".
2. Select from the source from the menu.

3. Give name to the scene.
4. Go to File on top left.
5. Save scene.

6. All your sources will be saved !
No need to configure them every time you make a new recording !
7. Load source to recuperate your settings.

Note : The audio source is not available in the free version.
           Xsplit does allow you to record "System Sound" and "Microphone".
           I guess it only allows you to have two audio sources in total

           If you use Desktop applications for co-hosting (Discord voice chat),
           It should be picked up by the "System Sound".

           If you buy the license, you get loads of cool features like audio
           mixing, better codecs, extra sources and other stuff.

Audio :

1. Go to Settings.
2. Go to Audio.

Audio Preview :

It is a license feature.

Use the Audio Preview to see how the sound would end up in the recording.
Your sound in your headphones/speakers might not match the audio in recording.

With preview audio and sound mixing, you can easily fix these problems.

System Sound :

I have two System Sounds : "Default" and "Realtek Hi-Definition".

If you have different System Sounds, you can try to pick the better one.

I suppose that if you have some issues with the better System Sound,
you just revert back to Default.

Note : According to some people, the "Windows Default Sound" is better than "Realtek Sound".

Link : https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/5pafff/any_benefit_of_using_windows_10s_default_audio/

Microphone :
You should also have different options for the microphone. If you do want, you can just use the best one you have.

* Silence Detection *

Mutes your Microphone when you are not talking.
It is not a filter or anything. If you have background noise, you will still have it.

Note :
Xsplit has noise suppression filters if you buy license.

* Audio Mixing Sample Rate *

I have absolutely no idea what these options do.

Volume Range(%) :
You use those to fix the volume issues.

There is third party professional software that does real-time noise suppression/filtering.


Presentation :

Presentation only save multiple scenes.
I have no idea why you ever need multiple scenes.

Record :

You have set up your hotkeys and stuff. Now you can make video.

Option #1 : Video

Choose output "Local Recording" to make video.

Option #2 : Stream

Choose new output. Select stream platform.
Doing all the configuration for stream is complicated.

Desktop Recording :

________General topic________

Fraps records games that use openGL or DirectX. Chrome does not use either of these rendering methods. This is why Fraps has Desktop Recording Mode. With Windows 10, it has changed how the desktop is displayed. This is why Fraps cannot run Chrome anymore....

This is dumb but you can record Fraps on top of Xsplit recorder as shown :

If you have paid license for Fraps, I guess it is worth it if you want the better codecs, compression. Fraps can run on all types of computers and it is not CPU heavy.

Bandicam, Hypercam, Camtasia are software that do support Windows 10 Desktop Capture. It is an alternative.

The simplest way to record Warlight is to use the Unity Version. All the recording software is designed to capture games but not desktop/chrome.
There are some free alternatives that work if you want to record the desktop like : "VLC" (traffic cone).

Recording the Desktop and Chrome is a complicated issue.
Fraps used to record chrome for me but it doesn't in Windows 10.

Xsplit tutorial :

Option #1 : Record Desktop

1. Go to Desktop.
2. Click "Add Source".
4. Add "Screen Capture".
5. Go to your Chrome now.
6. It will display properly.

Note : If you do that on Chrome Window,
           you get black screen. 
           There is fix for that.

Option #2 : Webpage Capture

1. Click "Add Source".
2. Add "Webpage".
3. Go to Warlight.
4. Copy link. Paste in the box.

5. Resize your Webpage,
6. Navigate to your game.

Note : The webpage is slow. It is also trash.

Option #3 : Fix Chrome

1. Open your Chrome.
2. Go to Settings.
3. Open Advanced. Go to bottom.
4. Remove Hardware Acceleration.

5. Now you can record Chrome.

The best option is #1. Hardware acceleration makes the animations smoother. It works really with flash content.

Now that you have all the configurations and know the basics, you make good quality videos.

For editing, I use Windows Movie Maker. I cut the parts I don't need and I speed up the boring parts.

Tutorial for Stream Key :

To make a stream on Twitch and Youtube, you first need to "build" a channel. It is very easy to setup.

1. Create Twitch Account.
2. Click on the Arrow next to your name.
3. Go to Channel. Make sure you have one.

4. Go to Dashboard.
5. Find the scrolling vertical menu on the left.
6. Scroll to the bottom. Select "Channel".

7. If everything is done correctly, you should find "Stream Key".
8. Click on Stream Key.
9. Click Show Key.

10. Read the important info.
11. Click Understand.

12. Save your key to a very very very safe place.
13. The very best thing to do is to copy your key.
ᅟᅟGo to your stream application.
ᅟᅟPaste the key inside the box that asks for stream key.

14. Your stream key is now super safe.
15. It is bad idea to save your key in like a notepad document.
ᅟᅟProtect your key at all costs.

The process for finding key is very similar for Youtube.

Twitch Interface :

The achievements are a fun way to learn how all the interfaces work.
You learn the basics and it gives a few tips on streaming.

The Creator Program in Youtube is decent. I looked at 1-2 videos.
It does seem to be aimed at experienced "content creators".
It did not help me at all.

If you have just started out on streaming/video content
then it won't be that helpful. You will learn more from
the Internet.

Test stream :

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Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/10/2018 17:44:07

Level 55
Nvidia > AMD (in terms of goodness)
AMD > Nvidia (in terms of development)
Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/10/2018 21:59:15

Level 58
There's plenty of tutorials one can find on the web for using XSplit. There's no reason to try and re-invent the wheel.
Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/10/2018 22:01:00

Level 62
There's plenty of people just trying to be helpful. There's no reason to be antagonistic about everything.
- downvoted post by Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!Meow!
Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/11/2018 04:37:42

Level 58
"There's plenty of people just trying to be helpful. There's no reason to be antagonistic about everything."

You're right, we should encourage people to waste their time replicating the work of others. Wasting time is much better than blunt honesty.

I'd normally suggest shutting your mouth if you have nothing intelligent to say, but I'm pretty sure that sentiment is so retarded it had to have actually come from your ass.

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Record Warlight with Xsplit: 3/11/2018 04:50:48

Level 60
I just use OBS. Works pretty fine. Thanks for the advice though.
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