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Guidelines & Map Making Questions: 2/16/2014 08:34:11

Jar of Pickles
Level 24

  • I made a territory, when i clicked "Show Armies Number", the number overlapped a bit, not really much... is that okay?
  • What if there was a territory border overlapping each other, from different bonus link? Is that okay?
  • Can i change the name of a map after publishing it?
  • Is the version number limited?
  • How do people find my map, especially if the name is not familiar?
Guidelines & Map Making Questions: 2/16/2014 09:12:53

Level 50
1. I'm afraid a bit is too much. Fizzer has this rule because it is harder to tap territories with your fingers (on the mobile client), so they need a decent size.
2. De facto it's okay (as Fizzer lets those maps pass), but de jure every border between territories of two bonuses must show both border colours, so they can't overlap. You are considered a better mapmaker if you obey this rule.
3. Nope.
4. Nope.
5. It will show up at the Newest Maps section of the Dashboard for a while (unless three or more maps get published at once). What you could also do is set up a tournament on your map. Your map will likely get a rating after that tournament, and that rating roughly decides how often it will get played.
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