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Diagonal connections?: 2/10/2012 03:27:47

Level 11
I'm making a map and was wondering...
should a diagonal connection, two territories connected by 1 point, should armies be able to move between them? is this typical?
Diagonal connections?: 2/10/2012 04:32:10

Sir Nick
Level 2
If two territories are connected by 1 point, they shouldn't connect.

The army would have to become 1D to fit into the territory without landing in the other territories, so yeah...
Diagonal connections?: 2/10/2012 07:06:37

Level 10
Being consistent is the thing. If any diagonal connection is valid, all diagonal connections should be valid.
Diagonal connections?: 2/10/2012 07:40:28

Level 44
bloodnok says it more properly..

generally when I provide feedback based on these circumstances, I will provide situations where it is done, and it isn't done in the map, and suggest that it should be universal..
Posts 1 - 4 of 4