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New Map: Hypercube: 3/28/2010 00:09:15

Level 6
Hi, I made a new map "Hypercube". Please share bugs, thoughts, complaints, and maybe strategies and starting scenarios in this thread. Thanks! Les
New Map: Hypercube: 3/30/2010 05:27:40

Level 7
These sorts of map generally drive me crazy, because once you get a few players in there it's very hard to find a 'safe' attack which doesn't force you to engage another player or create a border with them.

I am currently playing one game on it, and will make a few more I think. I'll report back!
New Map: Hypercube: 3/30/2010 17:54:36

Level 36
Hey, i'm in the same game as BM. I was looking around, and maybe you could have a bonus for each of the 6 sides of the cube(the same inner and same outer).

Also, it would be funny if you owned all but one of the territories, you get a bonus that is worth 1000 armies so you can overkill your opponent at the very end!
Posts 1 - 3 of 3