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Map idea.: 2/9/2012 22:08:35

Level 34
I have started working on a fictional map, loosely based on Apers four castles and that hex bridge map.
I love the medium earth map because it has so many choke points and open areas for maneuvering around the other players, but there seems to be a lack of maps like that, most are either to open(most of the real world maps) or have to many choke points.
So I've decide to attempt a map that would be a mix of choke points and open battlefield.
behold my terrible drawing:
[Terribad drawing](http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/215/floatingislesupload.jpg)

Castles, one way in which enters the grounds.
Grounds will lead to the keep or into the towers which lead to the walls.
controlling a entire castle will yield around 20 reinforcements.

Red lines:
the idea behind these is they will be worth little reinforcements but be no wider then 2, so a good choke points.

Green splotches along the red lines:
these will be where you can enter the wilderness.

Brown background:
Wilderness, lots of variation in sizes of territory's, big bonuses worth lots,
My goal is to make sure that most territories have 3+ connections to make it hard to hold.

red bridges will be worth a fair amount of reinforcements and in the middle it will narrow to 1 territory again a great choke point.

bulbous things on either side of the map:
Teleportation towers, which lead to the unconnected thing at the bottom.

unconnected thing:
A unconnected besides the towers island.with two mountain passes at the top and bottom and a little area in between.
Holding everything would yield maybe 40 - 50 reinforcements.

I need to go, please let me know what you think.
Map idea.: 2/11/2012 08:35:39

Level 34
Wrong sub-forum, sorry about that Fizzer.
Anyways this is what I have so far
That is what the road systems going to look like.
I still need to add in the areas between the roads, the west roads, castles and the small floating island.
I'm think this might end up with somewheres around 2000 territories which was way more then I was thinking it was going to be.
Also any thoughts on whether I should just have roads and castles and forget about adding in the areas around the roads.
Two maps?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Map idea.: 2/11/2012 09:42:41

Level 50
2000? Nah, maybe 1200. Still pretty large though, but I think it can get boring on those loooooooooooooooooong roads.
Map idea.: 2/11/2012 18:13:06

Level 34
Hmm, I could make the road sections longer, maybe cut the amount of sections in half?
Map idea.: 2/13/2012 07:10:15

Level 34
*Yawn* tired, but here it is with all the castles and roads finished, still need to finish the rest of the territory's in between the roads and castles.
As always any thoughts would be appreciated.
Map idea.: 2/13/2012 07:10:31

Level 34
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