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Tactical Map?: 2/15/2018 23:21:56

Mr. Map
Level 7
Around 2 years ago I made 'The Korean War Strategic Map' ( https://www.warzone.com/Map/25090-Korean-War-Strategic-Map ) and it was relatively well received, I enjoyed making it and would like to make another map similar in structure to it. I came here to ask if anyone has any ideas as to what the map should be of. It also does not need to be a 'duel' structure like this one, I am open to making a map for more players or one that accommodates AI.

Thanks in advance.
Tactical Map?: 2/16/2018 02:11:50

Level 55
I was thinking of something like the Vietnam War, but since you could add more players why not a map of the Cold War? It hasn't been done yet, and with strategy it could work out really well.

The Spanish Civil War and the American Revolutionary War would be interesting as well.

Here's our official WL Mapmaking Discord as well: https://discord.gg/DHERfnT

Edited 2/16/2018 02:12:29
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