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''After the storm'': 2/9/2018 22:34:47

Level 57
I. The dogs were howling wild

Wild were howling the dogs of landlord Paul, in his empty yard.
-Woof! – Woof! – were sounding the hills of forests of Grozavesti
-Where could be the landlord?! – the village was asking.
-He is gone, it flew away, the earth have ate him !
The peasants walk in the front of landlord’s manor, look through his yard ,prowling and wondering that no one is stopping them to enter, no one is asking them what are they doing there.
-The landlord is gone ! – they say… only his dogs remained, howling wild.
When dogs are howling in the village,the peasants are scared. It’s a sign of misfortune and death.But their howl though, it wakes them from a lethargic dream, it opens their eyes and tongues.
-It’s not good for our landlord, his dogs are howling! – they say
-Bleakness over his head !
- May God ! the peasants pray.

* * *

The glorious Red Armies are marching forward. Giant tanks rush the vast fields, and the peasants watch them, dupe… They are astounded by such force.
For them, these steel monsters look like some apocalyptic creatures, and the men riding them like demi-gods.
For landlord Paul, the rumble of these steel monsters scatterbrained him so much, that if you look at him now, you could swear that he doesn’t resemble like that landlord known by world, proud and swollen like a frog.
Though he was hidden in his nook, hidden from the world’s eyes, he was waiting, dashing upon him, for those who he had put to harness, to pick him by his neck and say :
-Eh, landlord, see, the time of reckoning had came !Get up and let’s go !
-Wh..Where ?
The landlord’s eyes upset, his face turn sallow, his buffalo body is shuddering.
-My brothers, forgive me. I’ve been wicked.Maybe I shouldn’t put you to the harness.Maybe…but what could I do ? I am a pitfull, wreched man. Have mercy on me, on my days, forgive me! Forgive ME !
The landlord have visions, poor man… where are those he had put to harness ? Where are his prisoners from his domains? Well! They are gone , marching with their brothers to eliberate Budapest, Viena, Berlin! With the landlord, only those same as him talk with him.
Next to his den, another landlord had hidden is pig herd around some willows. He had his own reckoning. Around there, some peasants could be heard.
The landlord shudder.
-Have they found me? They are upon me ? Then…I’m gone! Really gone ! It’s over for me! he shivered.
Of fright, he becomed stunted and started to cower.
-Poor landlord Paul!
In that moment he wanted to be the most insignificant man from this world. A rag…why he needed land! Why he needed large domains! Why he had argued with Stefan too ! What he had with him ? Poor man ! Maybe it was a decent man ! And with a good soul!
-How hurried we are sometimes in our life!—contemplates Paul in his den. You don’t even have the time to observe those around you! And Vasia, why he was put to the harness? If I hadn’t enough horses in my stable!
…Ah! If the earth could really eat him alive, as it could feel better that way!...
-You awful bum, why are you running? Why are you hiding, dog? You shake ?... Are you scared? Do you remember the things you have done ?
-Do you see that mud to the knees? From dawn to sunset we level it, from dozens of years, bless you !
-Do you see those huts, that are looking like molehills? From the work of those who live in them you made your fortune !
-Do you see those kids, wan by hunger, weak and and slob ? From their work you prepare your feasts !
-Do you see those disabled men, without legs, without hands? You had send them to thr Russian stepes to defend your domains!
-Do you see those barefoot widows, naked and hungry ? You left them without their husbands, sending them to death for you, for you beast !
-Remember when you had put us in a row and whipped us ‘till blood was showing!
-Remember when you set the dogs upon us, to rip our flesh!
-Remember Gheorghe, Gheorghe the poor peasant, that you droped down in the bog with 2 rifle shots, just because he wanted to bring home to his kids a piece of ham.Do you hear him? Hear his cry ?
-‘’Revenge, revenge brothers!’’ He is crying from the bottom of the bog.’’Revenge’’. Do you hear him? What, you shake ? You are scared ? You are afraid of death? Get up ! Out from your den ! Get out and go to your judgement !

Landlord Paul shudders. So many misdoings goes beforehand his domain.The thought of punishment had stuck in his head like a nail.
-If the peasants will hang me ? he trembled. If! …and in front of him it appeard his rotten carcass, hanged by a willow branch, with ravens rotating above him.
-So be it ! So ? … and terrified by his own sentence, he closes his eyes, covers his face with his face, roaring.
-NO! NO!...

Well, but this was just a chimera. The landlord’s emotions have calmed down. Days have passed since then, weeks and months, and the landlord recovered himself. The snake image of the noose have gone lost like a bad dream.
Somewhere it seems that he hears a melodious waltz.There, maybe, beautiful women are dancing , wearing fairy veils, clinking glases with sparkling champagne and politics are discussed with humour.
-Why should I stay in this den ! Who stops me to show myself ?!Don’t I have the right to live ! Did I have done something in this world to punish myself like a fool! Eh, devlish comedy! What do I do here ! This den is for me ?! Look, devil, how this man fools himself!...
And like a poor innocent creature that scared himself, now shakes his ash from his head, which had thrown in a moment of weakness, and went up on road, back in his skin,like the world have known him .
''After the storm'': 2/11/2018 12:16:07

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
Good story. I presume the setting is in the Russian civil war, yes?
''After the storm'': 2/11/2018 12:16:40

Level 56
''After the storm'': 2/11/2018 20:15:15

Level 57

Well, not so. I do indeed plan to write a novel about the Russian Civil War.
When I will finish this (and I intend to, not like my other posts ), I will reveal all the details.
Till then, I pray I will have time to add more and more of the story.
''After the storm'': 2/17/2018 00:45:27

Belgian Gentleman
Level 57
nice I look forward to the ending. You know I enjoy reading this. Besides why can't the main character be a more awesome and russian name? come on. Paul is so generic and english. His name makes me feel like I'm standing in line at a bakery, and Paul is the baker.
''After the storm'': 2/17/2018 01:40:49

Rogue NK
Level 59
Grozavesti might refer to


A few hints that it is not the Russian civil war.

1. It is happening in Romania.

2. "The glorious Red Armies are marching forward. Giant tanks rush the vast fields..." Tanks didn't rush anywhere in 1921. They were slow and small, not giant and fast.

3. "They are gone , marching with their brothers to eliberate Budapest, Viena, Berlin!"
''After the storm'': 2/17/2018 07:54:41

Level 57
Rogue NK is on good track.

But all details will be revealed at the end of the story :)
''After the storm'': 2/17/2018 08:23:42

Empire of Kilos
Level 36
One question, why Paul? So many interesting Russian names and you go with Paul?
''After the storm'': 2/18/2018 19:03:38

Level 57
II. Mincu Ion

This was happening at the beginning of February … Outside, even the raven’s eggs were cracking of frost. The men of the prefect and the bobby were hunting at the city’s entrance for the wood wagons which – under the pretext that they were taking the wood for the public institutions - took the wood at the price of nothing from the peasants , and brought it to the houses of some high-ranking men for their own use…
Because of this, the peasants avoided to bring any wood to sell in the city, and the poor villagers were shivering of cold…
It was rare to see a daring peasant, which does not easly let himself fearful against the prefect’s butchers, to enter in the hearth of the city with a bushel of wood.
Amongst those on that day was Mincu Ion… Meeting that day with a pal, and knowing that the men at the party building were also trembling of cold, he went with his bushel there.
-Here is the Communist party ? he asked Ioana, which was sitting muffled at the gate.
-Here it is , comrade ! she responded, bringing her nose out of the shawl. Don’t you see the sign ?
- I can see, but… you see, I don’t know what it says there…
- You don’t know to read ?
- I don’t , my bad. – said Ion, little confused…
-You want to sell the wood ? she asked
-Well, that’s why I have comed here
- Bring your sledge in the yard! There is a great lack of wood in the city !
He picks the bulls by the loop and went after her in the backyard.
-Here comrade ! she said… unload your wood here!
Ion untied the bulls , gave them to eat a heap of cobs and went next to the sledge to unload the wood.
-Let me help you ! said Ioana, passing behind the sledge.
-Can you ? he asked.
-I can comrade, cause im customed with the work ! she replied.
Why Ioana was calling him comrade, he did not understand. Ion was neither a party member, neither a syndicate member, and to know eachother, they just barely meet
-What’s your name comrade ! she asked while helping him to unload the sledge.
-Ion is my name.
-And I’m Ioana.
-Are you from here ? he asked.
-No, I’m from Grozavesti. I have comed here with my brother, Stefan from our village . He is a great fighter, ever heard of him ?
- No, I haven’t
- He wants to bring me in the party… to work here, she said priggish.
- This wood is a bit heavy ! said Ion. Let me bring it down from the sledge.
- I see this is a good wood- she said. This could be used for work too; for timber or for fence stakes.
-Indeed, said Ion, bringing down the wood from the sledge. But are they mine ?
-Isn’t this your wood ?
-Nope, It’s from a guy from my village… he send me to sell them
- Do you have a property ?
-I don’t
-Do you work for another ?
- I work at landlord Kintescu…
-I’ve heard about him that he owns lots of land. He is filthy rich !
- He has enough for three communes…
-Hmm… we have landlords too, said Ioana, and what type too, swollen ones.
-They are everywhere! said Ion, bringing down a big log.
-Have you been to war ? asked Ioana.
- I had. I have suffered there too, woe to my days. I have reached Rostov… the landlords were handling us like cattle, forwards, to cut us like cabbage!
-While they were sitting home…
-It should be time to turn our coats too! …to ask them about .
- It’s not bad what you say there…
- It’s bad for them ! she said. For us it was enough! Enough we worked on their domains, to fill their barns and sheds !
- If we had our own lands!... That’s how it should be !
- And why should not have it ? asks Ioana. Is somebody stopping us ?... Look, our party is always telling us : ‘’ Peasant brothers, comrades. Start sharing the lands of the landlords, don’t wait for them to give it to you, cause they’ll never do this…Let spring find you with the plow on your own lands’’
- That's what the party say ? asks Ion
- That's what they say; but instead we stay with the hands in the pockets and cry like old womens…
- I think I want to join this party, if they accepts me , said Ion , as he dragged down the last log from the sledge.
- The party accepts you comrade! Why shouldn’t ? That’s how they accepted me too. They saw me as a poor woman and slave to the landlord…Today , landlord Paul is croaking of trouble , wherever is he now ; but what should I do ? Let him cry for me, cause I’ve cried enough ! You know… the chancellor of the domain always sends me word that it will not give me land when the spring comes, to teach me a leasson for being communist. If like I’m waiting for him to give me land… Till spring we will give him as much as he can work, and the rest it will be parted between those how don’t have a furrow of land! …
Ion finished to unload the sledge and started to yoke the bulls.
-I was thinking to go volunteer to the front , he said while pulling the bulls by the loop. In my village I die of hunger. I’m not ashamed to tell you that I don’t have a bag of corn in my feedbags… I have a old mother, and my wife, which is more stupid than me, tries to get money by sewing in the village, and don’t get enough to pay even the gas for the lamp…
-It’s not bad to go to the front to fight against the Germans, said Ioana. But you know that here too is a fight , and it’s no joke with this landlords. I’s like on the front here too…
-If the party accepts me , then I’m not afraid to fight !
-That’s what would miss , for you to be afraid ! Then you wouldn’t be a man ! Let’s go up , in the building, to pay you for the wood.
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